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Super-Strong NdFeB Drawer Magnet

/Super-Strong NdFeB Drawer Magnet
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Super-Strong NdFeB Drawer Magnet, Permanent Magnetic Drawer, Standard Normal Style Magnetic Drawer, Easy Cleaning Style Magnetic Drawer, Super-Strong Neodymium Rare Earth Drawer Magnets, Super Powerful Drawer Magnet, High Powered Magnetic Drawer

NdfeB drawer magnet or Super-Strong Neodymium Rare Earth Drawer Magnets is a kind of classical product. This product is always made by customer’s demand. So it maybe will have different shape. No matter how it seems to be, but it is always customer’s a cup of tea.
1.      Drawer magnet mainly make of Ndfeb,that makes it bulid strongly and firmly.So it is not easy to be out of shape.
2.      Super-Strong Neodymium Rare Earth Drawer Magnets looks like a square shape ,and it is silver which protect from dirty.When the NdfeB drawer cover with some dust, you can just use dry duster cloth to wipe it off.
3.      The heads of magnetic drawer can be customized, aslo,the distance between the magnetic bar can be designed.Usually,the inside of the magnetic bar form a magnetic plate, and every magnetic bar from the magnetic plate arrange themselves tightly and closely, which make it to separate iron more completely.
4.      Usually got 4 layer of the magnetic tubes inside. This kind of drawer magnet is able to customize whatever you like, we can produce it by your drawing.
5.      Pour material into the NdfeB drawer magnet,and its gravitation pulls the iron to the magnetic bar. After done, youcan take out the magnetic tubes layer by layer ,then you got material without iron.

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