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Super Magnetic Car Oil Filter

/Super Magnetic Car Oil Filter
  • Super Magnetic Car Oil Filter

Super Magnetic Car Oil Filter, Super Car Fuel Saver Magnets, Magnetic Fuel Saving Kits, Automobile Oil Filter Magnet, Oil Filter Magnetic Rings, durable ABS plastic super strong Neodymium magnets

Super Magnetic Car Oil Filter Features:
Part No. : HSMF-FP-6
Material: ABS Plastic + neodymium (Nd) Magnet
Delivery time: 5~25 days
Customized style is available.
3500gauss Magnetic Strength
Diameter 65-90mm
Net weight 0.12kg

Oil Filter Magnet Ring is a super design to be used on automotive oil filter to improve filtration Efficiency.
A superior upgrade complementing the performance of your vehicle.
Proven technology from the aerospace, maritime & motorsports industries is now available to you.
Oil Filter Magnet Ring converts a standard oil filter into a super dual Stage Filtration system thru the use of Super Magnet.

Benefits of Oil Filter Magnet Ring:
1. Prolongs engine life
2. Prevents expensive engine overhands
3. Maintain cleaner oil
4. Effectively removes more contaminants than the normal oil filter
5. Removes unwanted metal particles from the engine and leaves oil metal free
6. Reusable and transferable
7. Fits most size canister oil filter
8. Security for the engine you can count on
9. Easy to install, no special tools required

How does Oil Filter Magnet Ring works?
1. Contaminated oil enters the oil filter
2. Oil Filter Magnet Ring separates the ferrous particles from oil and attracts it on the filter canister
3. The ferrous free oil then passes through the standard filter elements
4. Oil Filter Magnet Ring keeps the ferrous particles trapped until it is thrown away together with oil filter during filter change.

Why Us?
Superior Quality: Factory inspection passed with strict production standard; Professional magnet and magnetic products manufacturer for more than ten years; 100% products fully inspection. Water Conditioner Magnetic Limescale Remover
Core Technology: With an advanced R&D center, top-notch QC team and professional machinists, we could provide the whole magnetic solutions for you with OEM Production solutions in China. Magnetic Fuel Saving Kits
Competitive Price & Short Lead Time: Mass production with high production capacity, products generally in stock, Lead time at most 15days for mass production; Production price is around 10% lower than other supplier;
24-Hour Service: Contact us any time and we’ll reply to your email or fax within12 hours with infomation, assistance, or both; Also Skype,Whatsapp, Viber,Tango all is available; ULTRA POWER Super Car Fuel Saver Magnet

  • Customized is Available
  • Affordable price
  • Quality guaranteed
  • T/T or L/C accepted
  • Other payment accepted
  • Fast shipping, Worldwide delivery
  • 24-Hours excellent customer service
  • Offer free magnetic solution
  • Bulk discounts for larger orders

Product Range


Specifications of magnetic water oil filter system:

Model Magnetic Strength Quantity per set Diameter Packing Net Weight
HSMF-Y4-M 12800gauss 1 pair 1/4”-2”( 60mm) Steel box 1.2kg
HSMF-Y3-M 19800gauss 4 pc 3″-4″(75-102mm) Steel box 1.5kg
HSMF-Y2-M 12800gauss 1 pair 1/4”-2”( 60mm) Steel box 1.2kg
HSMF-Apollo-M 7500gauss 1 pair 1/4”-3/2” Steel box 0.15kg
HSMF-KP-1 10800gauss 1 pair 1/2”-3/2” Colour box 0.5kg
HSMF-LP-X 8000gauss 1 pair 1/2”-2” Colour box 0.15kg
HSMF-XP-1 2000gauss 1 pair 1/2”-3/2” Blister 0.06kg
HSMF-JP-1 2800gauss 1 pair 1/2”-3/2” White box 0.35kg
HSMF-FP-6S+ 5000gauss 1 pc 65-100mm Blister 0.31kg
HSMF-FP-6S 5000gauss 1 pc 70-92mm Blister 0.25kg
HSMF-FP-6 3500gauss 1 pc 65-90mm Blister 0.12kg
HSMF-NP-1 6500gauss 1 pair 1/2”-3/2” Blister 0.35kg
HSMF-SP-2 5200gauss 2 pairs 1/2”-3/2” Blister 0.1kg
HSMF-SP-4 5200gauss 4 pairs 1/2”-3/2” Blister 0.2kg
HSMF-UP-2 6200gauss 2 pairs 1/2”-3/2” Blister 0.11kg
HSMF-UP-4 6200gauss 4 pairs 1/2”-3/2” Blister 0.22kg
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