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Super High Power Magnets Tiny Neodymium Ring Ф1.9*Ф1.5*1.3mm

/Super High Power Magnets Tiny Neodymium Ring Ф1.9*Ф1.5*1.3mm
  • Super High Power Magnets Tiny Neodymium Ring

Super High Power Magnets Tiny Neodymium Ring Ф1.9*Ф1.5*1.3mm, N52 Powerful Sintered Neodymium Ring Shape Micro Sensor Magnet Custom, Parylene Plated Ring NdFeB magnets, High Precision Micro Electronics Magnets, Parylene coated ring tiny neo micro magnets China supplier

NSuper High Power Magnets Tiny Neodymium Ring Dimension Ф1.9*Ф1.5*1.3mm, Plating Nickel coating, Shape ring, Grade N52

We own advanced processing equipments and full set of production lines, products range can be as small as size class, 0.2 mm ~ 2.0mm, with high precision, tolerance between 0.005mm and 0.02mm. Also, we can make thickness 0.12 mm on very tiny thin ring like magnetic materials, using high electroplating technology like parylene coating and checkout equipment of projector and microscope to offer high and reliable products for our customers.

Our Team are experienced in identifying your needs, and supplying to meet your function, timing and budget requirements. We pride ourselves on our high attention to detail, and our commitment to exemplary customer service.

All our Neodymium rings have a variety of applications. From high-quality audio speaker systems to screwdrivers. If a holding magnet is required, our Neodymium pot magnets are ideal. Because of their high power to size ratio, these magnets provide an effective solution. An environment where a small yet powerful magnet is required!
Countersunk Neodymium Rings are also available.

We have the ability to make small neodymium micro magnets less than 0.2 mm. Our tiny micro magnets have been used in many consumer electronics and medical applications. We carry many sizes of neodymium micro magnets in stock, but If you require a small, tiny neodymium micro magnet in a custom size, please contact us or use our online custom magnet quote form.

Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB) or ‘Neo’, is a super high power magnet material that is generally considered to be the strongest of the permanent magnet materials.They will maintain their magnetism indefinitely unless they are subjected to temperatures over 80˚C when they will then lose their magnetism permanently.High (100˚C-120˚C) and Ultra High (150˚C-180˚C) temperature versions are available for customers with specific requirements. Neo’s are Nickel plated for both cosmetic and protection reasons and this makes them bright silver in colour. These magnets are very hard and therefore machining these post production is not recommended.

They are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Generally the North Pole is on the largest flat face, with the South on the opposite face. We recommend extreme caution when handling even small Neo magnets as the attractant forces are very powerful which can result in injury. If they are allowed to snap together violently small sharp chips can be thrown off.;

Main characteristics of Sintered NdFeB magnets, Neodymium High Precision Ring Magnets
Sintered NdFeB magnets are formed by powder metallurgy. The magnetic properties of all grades are optimized by applying a magnetic field during the pressing operation, resulting in a preferred direction of magnetization (anisotropy). Our sintered NdFeB magnets have four different characteristics: high corrosion resistance and low temperature coefficient, large size or small size. Compared with ordinary brands, our new brands have excellent corrosion resistance and high working temperature.

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