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Stud Magnets, Red/Purple/Orange Magnet Stud Finder, stud finding magnet, Magnets for Office, Magnetic Stud Finder, Magnetic Stud Finding with Lime Shield, Stud Magnet Nail Holder

Stud Magnets. Not only can it locate the stud, it can also be used as a nail starter and for a plumb line. Ideal for the do-it-yourselfer or home improvement customer who needs to hang pictures, shelves or decorations, or anchor items to a stud, This patent pending product is very easy to use, has no mechanical parts, and requires no batteries or calibration.
Permanent magnetism guaranteed!

Magnet locates drywall screws & nails in studs
Use as nail starter & plumb line
Hang pictures, shelves or decorations
Anchor items to a stud
Easy-to-use, no mechanical parts
Needs no batteries or calibration
Permanent magnetism
Magnetic shield blocks magnet when not in use

Magnetic Stud Finder With Red Shield, With Purple Shield, With Orange Shield
Uses Super Strong Neodymium Magnets To Locate Nails In Studs,
Can Be Used As A Nail Starter & For A Plumb Line

Stud Magnet installtion:
1. Remove Magnetic Shield and move magnet against wall to locate drywall screws and nails to locate studs.
2. Set nail in notched end for easy startup.
3. Attach string and use as a plumb line guide for additional nails or screws.

Magnetic Paint Gun Holder

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Product Range

Red Purple Orange Magnet Stud Finder

Red Purple Orange Magnet Stud Finder

Part No. HSSTUD-07512   Red Stud Magnet with red shield.

Part No. HSSTUD-07513   Purple Stud Magnet with green shield.

Part No. HSSTUD-07514   Orange Stud Magnet with green shield.

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