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Strong Round Ceiling Hook Magnet, NdFeB

/Strong Round Ceiling Hook Magnet, NdFeB
  • Strong Round Ceiling Magnets with Hook, NdFeB

Strong Round Ceiling Magnets with Hook, NdFeB, White, Powerful Neodymium Magnetic Hooks, Ceiling magnets Round with Open Hook, Hanging Magnetic System Mounting Hook

Ceiling Hook Magnet with very strong magnetic force
Material: Neodymium-iron-boron (NdFeB)
The very small dimensions and the extremely strong magnetic force offer many possibilities.

Magnetic fixing tools are usually the most practical solution to hanging on surfaces where drilling is not suitable, and thus find their ways into offices, workshops, stores and most commonly trade shows. Available in a wide range of colors and shapes, these accessories can be used in countless applications.
While very handy when drilling is not an option, HSMAG Magnet’s fixing tools which are available in several colors and shapes, can also be elegant and discrete.

About Magnetic Hook
— Magnetic hook consists of pot magnets. With nickel coating and high quality material, It could be used for long.
— Magnetic hooks are easy to remove, they would be great in small space to aid storage and easy accessibility
— Compact and lightweight with strong force, which can be strongly attracted by iron, steel, nickel and other ferromagnetic material.

ceramic hook magnets : Pot magnets are constituted by permanent magnets such as neodymium magnets, ferrite magnets, and other parts like metal, rubber, plastic. The magnet is encased in a steel case with one face not enclosed. Because the steel case can guide the magnetic circuit so The magnets and the steel case can get a big holding force than the magnets,
Pot magnets have many advantages and can be supplied with a tapped hole, a countersunk hole, a counter-bored hole, a threaded stud or a threaded collar all for convenient mounting. They can also be supplied with hooks and eyebolt attachments, ideal for hanging a variety of items.

Q: Are you a manufacturer or trade company?

A: We are the manufacturer.and not trading company.
Q: Which kind of magnetic products you supply?

A: We mainly supply various magnetic assembly,
Q:What’s the information you need before quotation?

A:We need the drawing or sample or your detailed request and quantity reqeust for magnetic assembly enquiry,we can give you solutions and design magnetic assemblies for you.  Round Ceiling Magnets with Plastic Body, Eyelet
Q: How long for the lead time for samples and mass production?

A:About 7-15days for magnet samples and about 25-30days for mass production normally,which depepend on detailed magnetic products you need.
Q: If the magnetized magnets or magnetic assemblies can be sent out by air shipment?

A:Yes,they can be sent out by air shipment based on our standard air packing with iron sheet to shield the magnetic fields.
Q:What’s the shipping method for magnets or magnetic assemblies?

A:By ocean shipment,air shipment or express way by Fedex,DHL,UPS or TNT,which depend on gross weight per shipment or customer’s request.
Q:How do I send the enquiry to you?

A:Avoiding To mistake,we suggest you send us your by E-mail .

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Product Range

Part No. Ø Diameter Height Holding force
mm mm kg
HSCM-BM 300.015 22 22 15
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