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Strong Magnet Field Viewer Films

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  • Strong Magnet Field Viewer Films

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Magnetic fields Strong Magnet Field Viewer Films have been studied for as long as we have known about these mysterious devices. The hardest part is just imagining how the fields affect the outside world because we just can’t see them! View magnetic fields for personal or scientific research.

This High resolutions magnetic field viewer film allows you to identify the magnetic field patterns of magnetic materials and assemblies. The viewing film can be used to check for damage to the magnet material within most types of magnet assemblies. Simply hold the film against the surface of any magnet and the pattern of the magnetic field is revealed. The sheets are reusable. Simply place the film directly on the surface of the magnetic material in question and instantly reveal a magnetic field of any shape or pattern. You can easily identify the poles. The film is highly flexible and quite durable. It can be laminated. Available as 12 in. x 12 in., 24 in. x 24 in., 3 in. x 3 in.,6 in. x 6 in., or a 36 in. x 36 in. strip perfect for use with our Eddy Current Tubes. Permanent Magnet Pattern Detector Sheet

【Easy To Use】 The Film is a magnetic field visualized sheet. Just place The film on magnets, and it will show patterns of magnetic fields. With Spirok Film, we can “see” the invisible magnetic fields.
【What It Can Do】Easily detects the location of magnets and orientation of magnetic fields. Applicable to all kinds of permanent magnets, Such as ferrite, neodymium and rubber magnets.
【Portable and Durable】With nano technology, The film is paper-thin and high-definition, with effective size 50x80mm and lamination size 95x65mm. It’s light and can be carried conveniently as a bookmark, or in a wallet, or in the phone case. Take out anytime to discover magnetic fields or demonstrate to others.
【Reusable and Responsive】The Film is reusable; it’s magnetically sensitive and instantly responsive. When moved onto a new magnetic field, the film will re-organize and show a new pattern immediately. The black marks can be removed by a strong magnet and return to original clean condition.
【Novelty Toy or Inspection Tool】It’s not only interesting but also useful. It can be a curiously awesome toy gift, helps to develop an interest in science. It can be an inspection tool, widely used as quality control, product demonstration, reverse engineering, product authentication, education and so on.

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Product Range

Part No. Dimensions in Inches Film Color
Length Width
HMAGF-01 3 3 Green
HMAGF-02 4 4 Green
HMAGF-03 6 2 Green
HMAGF-04 6 4 Green
HMAGF-05 6 6 Green
HMAGF-06 12 12 Green
HMAGF-07 24 24 Green
HMAGF-08 36 36 Green
Magnetic Field Viewing Films

Magnetic Field Viewing Films

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