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Steel Magnetic Box Adaptor

/Steel Magnetic Box Adaptor
  • Formwork Precast Steel Magnetic Box Adaptor Adapter

Steel Magnetic Box Adaptor, Precast Shuttering Magnet Adapter, Steel Adaptor, Shuttering Magnet Steel Adapters, precast steel adaptor with magnetic box to fix different formwork, Concrete Formwork Magnet Adaptors & Adapters China Supplier

Formwork Precast Steel Magnetic Box Adaptor Adapter
(Mounting elements of board equipment)
Complex shuttering system (Shuttering Magnets) is based on Unit with magnet and upper works in the form of Adapters.
Adapters represent possibility to exhibit the advantages of MAGNETIC SHUTTERING to the full extent such as:
Manufacturing of items 60 to 500 mm
Manufacturing of any level items of complex and radial shape
Fixing of board equipment to pallet without welding
Board equipment mounting time saving up to 70%
Not any longer exists necessity of warehouse storage of big number of standard forms, as a result, giant economy at manufacturing of new items
Cheapening at manufacturing of piece and finishing accessories to 20%
We offer various Adapters, both serial and produced according to drawings of the customer.

Used with our shuttering magnets together, high strength, good rigidity, special edge tooth design can close engagement with the magnetic chuck , strong coupling, in under the action of external force does not produce any gap, loose, make the final concrete wallboard quality to achieve the optimal.
Precast produced shuttering magnet adapter LC which is simply usage for the wooden formwork head onto shuttering magnet. When the precast concrete need to cast on the steel platform, the wooden need to fix into steel platform.
Material: Q215, Q235 Iron Parts
Surface Treatment: Black / Yellow Oxidation Treatment
Magnetic Box Adaptor is a steel bracket for fixing the unit shuttering magnets to the steel panel when manufacturing precast concrete panel wall. The adaptor is fixed with two screws on the magnetic box simply. It’s customized to produce according to customers shutter system specifications.
We can make different type with customs requirement.

Shuttering magnet is consist by neodymium block magnet, and steel house,the magnet is very big size thus the magnetic force is very large.
Precast magnet box, a magnetic tool to hold concrete formworks. After setting the magnet to the formwork,concrete could be inject into the formwork, The concrete will be formed trimly just as the formwork likes.Shuttering magnet is made of big block Neodymium Magnet and the steel house, there are two hex bolt and a round handle button on the top of the Precast Concrete Magnet, the hex bolt is for fixed with adapter and handle button is for push to use. Shuttering Magnet Adapter

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