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Standard Universal Shuttering Magnets

/Standard Universal Shuttering Magnets
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Standard Universal Shuttering Magnets, MagFly Shuttering Magnets, Stronger adhesive force Shuttering Magnet System, Magnetic  System, Magnetic shuttering solutions for precast concrete formworks

Universal Shuttering Magnets – Magnetic Shuttering System Using different adhesive forces this magnet offers an ideal range of applications for stabilising any kind of formwork.

The HSMAG MSS magnetic shuttering system is the most innovative magnet system available on the international market. The uniqueness of this patented technology is the MSS feet that ensure the exact distance between the magnet and the steel table. On this air gap, you can easily move the magnet over the table and precisely align it. You then press it by hand to lower the magnet and develop its holding power.

MSS magnetic system is the only magnet worldwide that features this advantage. That means that it is easy to use, wears less and has a longer life-cycle.

Conventional magnets positioned with a hammer are exposed to considerable mechanical loads. With MSS magnetic shuttering system, such handling of investment goods is a thing of the past. MagFly technology saves not only the magnet, but the surfaces of your expensive shuttering tables, as well.

Fully galvanised, MSS shuttering magnet are compact in size and therefore are half the weight of conventional magnets. In daily production, that means significant reduction of workload. Powerful Neodym elements allow for extremely high holding power.

MSS shuttering magnets are available in designs with 10, 16, 20, or 30 kN holding power.

-A quality magnet system.
-Lower maintenance.
-Stronger adhesive force.
-MSS-1600 is a popular choice.
-Extremely easy and dimensionally-true positioning of the magnet.
-Precise fixing of the magnet by slight pressing by hand.
-No need of setting the magnet with a hammer causing much wear and tear.
-Much longer life-cycle.
-The magnet is made ready for positioning by the integrated Magfly feet technology which raises the magnet off the casting bed.
-Easy and precise positioning of the magnet.
-Setting of the magnet is by hand pressure.
-Longer life expectancy.
-MSS is easily removed. Lift the handle and the magnet springs off the casting bed
-Excellent range of accessories for any formwork arrangement

Universal Shuttering Magnets Feature
Rare earth magnets
Standard application temperature up to 60°C, available on request up to 80°C
Side release handle, can be removed
Stander space-saving design, see tables for comparison
50% less weight with same adhesion
High reserves for uneven surfaces owing to a changed magnetic field
Covered design – no bloating of magnetic material
Highly warp resistant
High shear force and minimal space requirements
Multifunctional due to diverse accessories
Adhesive forces as measured on smoothed planking of 10 mm thickness

Precast Concrete Formwork Shuttering System

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Product Range







Part No. Magnetic


MSS-1000 1000 5,0 230 270 60 115 50 65
MSS-1600 1600  7,5 230 270 85 140 50 65
MSS-2000 2000  10,0 230 270 110 165 50 65
MSS-2500 2500  12,5 230 270 135 190 50 65
MSS-3000 3000  15,0 230 270 160 215 50 65
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