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Standard Permanent Magnetic Suspended Separator

/Standard Permanent Magnetic Suspended Separator
  • Permanent Magnetic Suspended Separator

Standard Permanent Magnetic Suspended Separator, Suspended Permanent Magnetic Separator, HSRCYB suspended cross magnetic belt separator with permanent magnet, Suspended permanent magnetic separator China Supplier

The HSRCYB series Standard Permanent Magnetic Suspended Separator is equipped with the NdFeB magnet. It is capable of high remanence and generates excellent cohesive force.

The magnetic iron separator is maintenance free and easy to install. It is commonly utilized to eliminate waste iron from nonmagnetic materials and the suspended magnet can be used in conjunction with the belt conveyor, vibrating conveyor, and electric magnetic vibrating feeding machine.

All technical specifications for the magnetic separation equipment are in strict adherence with JB/T8711-2006 standards. Iron accumulation can be manually removed from the ferromagnetic surface with either gloves or a non-magnetic scraper.

The suspended permanent magnetic separator is designed to work continuously in a field with low concentrations of iron.

The interior of HSRCYB series suspension permanent magnetic separator adopts high coercive force, high residual magnetism permanent magnet “ND-FE-B” materials to form complex magnetic system, possessing the advantages of no maintenance, strong magnetism, long lifespan, simple installation, convenient use and steady operation, suitable for iron removal of non-magnetic materials on the belt conveyor, vibrating conveyor, electromagnetic vibrating feeder and feeding down-spouting.To remove 0.1~35kg ferromagnetic materials,permanent magnetic system in the interior can be used over ten years. All the qualifications of the product conform to the standard of JB/T8711-1998.

Iron remover was divided into planar magnetic separator, flat iron remover, etc. It is a powerful attraction magnetic field can produce the equipment, it can be mixed ferromagnetic impurities removal in the material, to ensure the transmission system of mechanical equipment such as crusher, grinding machine safety work,At the same time can effectively prevent because of the large, long iron cross crack accident of conveyor belt, can significantly improve the raw material grade.According to the unloading iron methods and can be divided into artificial removing iron, automatic unloading iron and program control iron and other works, due to the use of different occasions and magnetic circuit structure, formed a variety of series of products. suspended permanent magnetic separator


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Product Range


Technical Specifications

Model Belt Width mm Suspension Height h < MM Belt speed < M Weight Appearance size mm
HSRCYB-4 400 125 4.5 115 400 300 230
HSRCYB-5 500 150 206 500 350 260
HSRCYB-6.5 650 200 450 650 600 300
HSRCYB-8 800 250 680 950 950 380
HSRCYB-10 1000 300 1180 1100 1000 380
HSRCYB-12 1200 350 1670 1300 1340 420
HSRCYB- 14 1400 400 2350 1500 1500 420
HSRCYB-16 1600 450 2850 1750 1750 460
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