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Standard and Common Underwater Recovery and Retrieving Magnets

/Standard and Common Underwater Recovery and Retrieving Magnets
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Standard and Common Underwater Recovery and Retrieving Magnets, Heavy-Duty Retriever Magnet, Packaged Holding / Retrieving Tools, Underwater Retrieving Magnets, Retrieving Magnet-Harbor Freight Tools, Salvage Lifting Retrieving Magnet China Supplier

Standard and Common Underwater Recovery and Retrieving Magnets canbe plated with both black and red paint. These magnets have a built-in hole for attaching the eyebolt for different applications. There are hundreds of commercial and industrial uses for these magnets, such as retrieving hand tools and other metal items from waterways or retrieving an outboard motor from the bottom of a lake. These magnets are water- and heat-resistant and are made of steel and high quality of ceramic (ferrite) magnets. They have a lifting capacity of up to 18 to 225 lbs. Permanent magnetism guaranteed under normal use.

Heavy-Duty Holding & Retrieving Magnet These are used for holding and positioning purposes like spray nozzle, hoses, pipes, temporary wiring.This also helps in retrieving ms objects from deep pits,water ways.These magnets come with eye bolts for fixing ropes.

Designed to retrieve and hold flat steel surfaces
Strongpull force on direct contact
Magnet assembly made of steel with all-welded construction and ceramic magnets
Maximum operating temperature is 180 ‘C
Eyebolt and nuts included

SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We know you will love our magnet Retrieving kit, but if for any reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase, do not hesitate to reach out so we can make it right.
Our Retrieving magnets are made with quality in mind so you can be stress-free during your Retrieving trip
A MULTI-PURPOSE underwater magnet that is perfect for the salvage of various metals in any environment.
Our Retrieving magnet can also be used for lifting, hanging and various retrieving applications
GIFT OUR MAGNET Retrieving KIT to any one of your loved ones who enjoy going on treasure hunts below the water to get those magnet Retrieving finds that are not easily found.

You can even gift one to yourself, you deserve it! Get yours today!
Features: Our “575 POUND PULL MAGNET Retrieving magnets are tried and tested in all underwater environments that will pull even the heaviest of treasures out of the water during your expedition.
When considering the cheaper option above or below this page please consider the strength and diameter of the Retrieving magnet and the diameter of the rope.
Not all magnets are created equal.

OUR MAGNET Retrieving KIT WITH CASE includes a STRONG! 65 ft rope for retrieving those various metals that have sunk deep down underwater, a 2.95 triple layer coated steel magnet with a new locknut system designed to keep your gear in place, a pair of gloves for protection when releasing items found and a waterproof case for easy storage and safekeeping. 18Lbs Pull Lifting / Retrieving Magnet with Eyebolt

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We know you will love our magnets for magnet Retrieving but if for any reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please contact us and we will make it right for you.
Our magnet kits are made with quality in mind so you never have to worry about your magnet Retrieving finds being anything short of successful.

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Product Range

Part No. Pull (Lbs. ) Dimensions in Inches Weight (Lbs.)
Length Width Height
HRM-D01 18 1.75 0.625 0.812 0.12
HRM-D02 40 2 2 0.562 0.83
HRM-D03 100 2 2 1.062 0.83
HRM-D04 150 5 2 1.062 1.75
HRM-D05 225 5 2 . 4.5
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