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Stainless Steel Magnetic Pin

/Stainless Steel Magnetic Pin
  • Stainless Steel Magnetic Pin

Stainless Steel Magnetic Pin, Nodymium Stainless Steel Magnetic Holder Ø 15 mm, Edelstahl Magnet pin, Memo Magnet Pins Neodymium, Pin Holding Ndfeb Office Magnets China Supplier

Stainless Steel Magnetic Pin Technical Specifications:
Part No. HSSSMP-01
Form / Model Stainless Steel Magnetic Holder
Material High quality brushed stainless steel + ndfeb
Housing Galvanized steel
Dimension Ø 1,5 cm, height 1,8 cm
Color silver
Tolerance + / – 0,1 mm
Adhesion 0.5 kg – 10 sheets of A4 paper (80g)
Application Magnet pins for memos, photos, and more

These powerful rare earth pin magnets are great for placing on your fridge or holding papers on a whiteboard at your office, warehouse or home.

Add some style to any office or classroom noticeboard. These chrome skittle magnets look great on any noticeboard, filing cabinet or even fridge. As each Skittle Push Pin Magnet has a Large Neodymium Magnet it makes them surprisingly strong for their size and each can hold up to 35 sheets of A4 paper firmly against a metal surface or even magnetic paint. What’s more, because of their shape they don’t obscure the items being held but are really easy handle, remove and reposition.

Bring your office whiteboards to life with our comprehensive range of magnetic visual aids. Highly effective and economical too, they provide a simple, no-fuss way to enhance visual planning and are ideal for use in offices, meeting rooms, training rooms and school classrooms.

BRUSHED NICKEL FINISH SILVER MAGNETS – Enjoy smoothly brushed real metal magnets, with lasting shine. Perfect for refrigerator magnets, office magnets, whiteboard magnet, & dry erase board magnets
NO MORE HOLES – Forget pin holes & pricked fingers! MAGNETIC push pins make hanging easy. These magnetic thumb tacks are D15 x H18mm. Easily use as office magnets, fridge magnets, map magnets, and more!
BEST FACTORY ON China – Guaranteed best quality and price on nickel push pin magnets. NOT for use on glass magnetic boards, and they DO NOT stick to stainless steel. aquarium fish glass tank algae scraper magnet
STYLISH & SECURE – Each magnet set is perfeclty finished in brushed nickel with distinct pawn shape. Don’t underestimate these small magnets. Each magnet easily holds up to 6 sheets of paper!
LIFETIME GUARANTEE – If you’re not satisfied for any reason, we have a 100% money back guarantee!


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