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Stainless Steel Magnetic Hooks 29KG

/Stainless Steel Magnetic Hooks 29KG
  • Stainless Steel Magnetic Hooks 29KG

Stainless Steel Magnetic Hooks 29KG, Extra Ultra Powerful Neodymium Hook Pot Magnet, 30mm Dia Rare Earth Magnetic Clamping Hook M6, Holding Magnetic Mounting Hook, Magnetic Hanging Hook China Factory

Stainless Steel Magnetic Hooks 29KG Ø30 mm X 44.1 mm Part No.HS-NE30 by HSMAG Features:
Material:  Neodymium (NdFeB ) and Steel
Part No.:             HS-NE30
Plating / Coating:     Nickel (Ni-Cu-Ni) or Zinc (Zn)
Shape: Hook
Pot Magnet Size:
Pot Total Diameter (D):  30 mm
Hole Diameter (D1): 7.5 mm
Pot Height (H): 16.6 mm
Hook Total Height (H1): 44.1 mm
Thread M: M5
Weight: 41 g
Holding Force: 29 kg
Tolerance:         ±0.1 mm
Maximum Operation Temperature: 80 °C
Delivery Time:           7-15 days
Made in China

Rare Earth Neodymium Hook Permanent Magnet / Strong Hookmagnet for Refrigerator Fridge Garage Hanging Holder Rack,Great Home Storage and Organization.
HSMAG magnet hooks can help organize your kitchen, office, garage, bathroom, locker – the only limit is your imagination! Never lose your keys again! Hang tools on toolboxes, steel shelves, filing cabinets, and much more. Organize cables, utensils, and lockers. Anywhere there is metal these magnet hooks can help de- clutter your space!

Great as an anchor point for measuring large metal structures. No drilling of holes or screwing of tension pole required.
Great for hanging non-fragile festive decorations to door frames and metal parts of ceiling lights too.
Easy to attach and remove hook magnets without leaving unsightly holes from drills or sticky residues from using double sided adhesive.
Home use: hang potted plants, tools, cooking pots and pans, curtain tassels hook, door latch, rubbish or laundry bag latch and many more possibilities.
Industrial use: Holds up canvas cover with eyelets, anchor point for ropes, holds banners or canopy, hang displays, hang temporary signages, hold dangling ceiling wires etc.
Exhibition/Events Use: Hang mobile display, Hang Banners, Hang Buntings, Temporary Cordons etc.
On board ships, vessels: Hang uniforms, secure equipment from moving or shifting, put up temporary signs
On military vehicles, vessels: Attach training call sign, setup temporary tentage or shelter, hang lighting, secure wires

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