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Stainless Steel Door Stop Magnet Stopper Holder Catch

/Stainless Steel Door Stop Magnet Stopper Holder Catch
  • Stainless Steel Magnetic Door Stops Stopper Holder Catch

MDS02 Series Stainless Steel Door Stop Magnet Stopper Holder Catch, Stainless Steel Home and Office Door Stop Holder Magnets, Sliver Plated Magnetic Doorstop Door Stopper, 3M Double-Sided Adhesive Tape, Magnetic Door Catch, Keep Your Door Open, Wall Mount Door Holder

Stainless Steel Door Stop Magnet Stopper Holder Catch Features:
Material: Stainless Steel
This is a all stainless steel design magnetic door stopper
It stops the door from slamming from the wind.
And of course the kids from slamming the door into the wall!
The Magnetic Door Holder consists of two parts: the floor fitting and the door fitting
The Magnetic Door Stop has a magnet that keeps the door open when you want it

Color: silver, gold, brass, antique copper, chrome…
Size:about 80*44mm
Net weight: 93 g
Packaging weight: 10 3g

Packing Content:
1 x Stainless Steel Magnetic Door Stop (with accessory)

Two Mounting Methods:Drilling and non-drilling installation methods,You can install it according to your needs,both are convenient and Easy to Install.
Protection Against Damage to Wall & Door Handle:When the wind blows, it is not easy to shake and effectively avoid the door collision,and prevents the wall scratched or impacted by the doorknob.
For Wide Application:Anywhere you want the doors to keep open,you can use magnetic door stopper.Like kitchen,living room,toilet,office,hotel,recreational vehicle,etc.
Hold Your Door Open Safety and Silently: Due to its strong magnetism,our Magnetic Door stoppers can hold the door open. You can open and close the door easily.
Long Service Life:the Magnetic Door stoppers are constructed of high-quality stainless steel,solid,sturdy,waterproof antirust,and more elegant and modern,suitable for all kinds of door style.

Do magnetic door stops require professional installation?
Before you buy any magnetic door stop, make sure that you check the installation requirements. Some are simple enough that anyone can do the process using common tools. Others may require special tools and the help of a professional.

What surfaces can use a magnetic door stop?
Another factor that you should never forget to check is what surface the door stop is designed for. Typically, magnetic door stops are intended to be mounted on a wood or concrete surface. If you have a wooden wall or floor, then buy the magnetic door stop that is designed for wood. Same goes for concrete. Antique Bronze Finished Magnetic Door Stop Stopper Metal Door Catch Holder

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Product Range

Replacement Set Magnetic Doorstop

Replacement Set Magnetic Doorstop

Part No. Surface Dimensions in cm
Width Height
MDS02-1 Chrome 4.4 8
MDS02-2  Gold 4.4 8
MDS02-3 Sliver 4.4 8
MDS02-4 Brass 4.4 8
MDS02-5 Copper 4.4 8
MDS02-6 Satin Chrome 4.4 8
MDS02-7  Satin Nickel 4.4 8
MDS02-8 Nickel 4.4 8
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