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Square PVC Cover 18mm Sew-in Hidden Magnets

/Square PVC Cover 18mm Sew-in Hidden Magnets
  • Square PVC Cover 18mm Sew-in Hidden Magnets
  • PVC Invisible Hidden Sew in Magnetic Snaps

Square PVC Cover 18mm Sew-in Hidden Magnets, Hidden Sew In Magnetic Snaps 18 x 2 mm w/ Square PVC Cover, Invisible Hidden Sew In Magnetic Snap Closure, Magnetic Buttons, Sew In Hidden Magnets

Hidden Magnets Features:

Part No.: NMSWM-S1802
Magnet Material: NdFeB
Neo Grade: N35, N38
Magnet Shape: Disc
PVC Cover Shape: Square
Diameter: 18 mm
Height: 2 mm
Side length square PVC cover: 36 mm
Coating/Plating: Zinc (Zn) / Nickel (NiCuNi)
Weight: 4 g
Clear PVC cover with + / – pole (Magnet with + / – pole also can be produced)

These magnetic snaps are super strong and the perfect size for small bags and purses. They are much stronger than the standard pronged magnetic snap and can be easily sewn.

These are sew-in magnetic snaps and are sewn between the lining and the exterior of your bag. Once they are installed you can’t see them, but they keep your purse closed tightly and securely.

These are disc magnets (18 x 2 mm) with an adhesive force of almost 2 kg, shrink-wrapped into a square PVC cover. They can be sewn into clothing or used in wet surroundings without rusting.

* strong double face magnet button.
* super thin and easy to use.
* DIY your creation.
* Replace your old buttons.

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  • Quality guaranteed
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Product Range

Part No. Magnet Dimensions Neo Grade PVC Cover’s Shape Magnet Shape Coating
NMSWM-S1002 Dia 10 x 2 mm N35 / N38 Square Disc Nickel / Zinc
NMSWM-S1202 Dia 12 x 2 mm
NMSWM-S1402 Dia 14 x 2 mm
NMSWM-S1602 Dia 16 x 2 mm
NMSWM-S1802 Dia 18 x 2 mm
NMSWM-S2002 Dia 20 x 2 mm
NMSWM-S2502 Dia 25 x 2 mm
NMSWM-C1002 Dia 10 x 2 mm N35 / N38 Cricul Disc / Round Nickel / Zinc
NMSWM-C1202 Dia 12 x 2 mm
NMSWM-C1402 Dia 14 x 2 mm
NMSWM-C1602 Dia 16 x 2 mm
NMSWM-C1802 Dia 18 x 2 mm
NMSWM-C2002 Dia 20 x 2 mm
NMSWM-C2502 Dia 25 x 2 mm
NMSWM-R2506 25.6 x 6 x 1.4 mm N35 / N38 Rectangular Block Nickel / Zinc

 for example:Customer need feature of Sew-in Magnetic Snap Closure is Dia 18 x 2 mm, N35, Disc Magnet, Cricul PVC Cover, Zinc Plating. The Sew-in Magnet’s Part No. is NMSWM-C1802-35Zn

Notice: We can supply OEM and Customized design.

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