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Square Magnetic V-Blocks

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Square Magnetic V-Blocks, Magnetic Square Block, Magnetic Square V Block, Square Magnetic V Blocks with On/Off Switch, Metalworking Tooling, Steel and Copper Magnetic Square Block V Shape

Square Magnetic V-Blocks Feature:
Part No: HSMSBF-31 / HSMSBF-31-I / HSMSBF-32 / HSMSBF-33-I / HSMSBF-32-I
On/Off switch Magnetic V Block
Many models to suit any application
Powerful magnet with strong clamping force to ensure accurate and consistent measuring

The Magnetic Square Type Block is widely used in metalworking. These magnetic blocks have an On/Off switch and are available in many models of your choice. It has strong magnetism and clamping force for accurate measurements. Square Type Magnetic Block with Vertical and Horizontal V Groove which can carry a flat or round work piece. Has an easy to turn on or off switch. Square Shaped Magnetic V-Blocks. Three surface Attraction. Ideal for Holding round or irregular shapes for scribing or Measuring. Needs No conventional Clamp down Screws. Magnetic force on Top, sides, and Vees. Fixed On/off switch.
The V-BLOCKS .Magnetic Square Block and Parallels transfer the magnetism from permanent magnetic chucks. With Permanent, powerful magnet, apable of measuring high precision without damaging the work piece

Magnetic Square & V – Block
MAGNETIC SQUARE-SHAPE HOLDER – The shape is square , not cuboid. It is designed for transfering the magnetism from permanent magnetic chucks,Holding tools for marking and light duty machining.
Holding tools for electric discharge machining, Holding tools for three-dimensional measuring instruments and various measuring systems.
-Permanent, powerful magnet.Ideal for holding round or irregular shapes.
-All surfaces and vees are precision ground.3 faces, top and both sides are magnetized
-It act as holding tools for marking and light duty machining.
-Easy quick-release with lever operation without using screw.
-Attracting surface is V-surface and upper surface.
-Made of steel and copper
-Heavy duty

Magnetic bases can be one of two varieties: those with lever switches and those with push buttons. Although the ON/OFF for the magnet may vary, the way the system works is still the same.
The magnetic base is made up of four parts: one part non-ferrous metal spacer (metal that does not contain iron), two parts iron and a third part which is the magnet. The non-ferrous metal spacer, aluminium in this example, sits between two iron sections and has a hole bored through the centre of all three.

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Product Range

Code Size(L×W×H) Power Force Weight
HSMSBF-31 3.937×3.937×3.937 66.14 17.63
HSMSBF-32 5.905×5.905×5.905 99.21 56.21
HSMSBF-33 7.874×7.874×7.874 121.25 110.23
HSMSBF-31-I 3.937×3.937×3.937 66.14 16.53
HSMSBF-32-I 5.905×5.905×5.905 88.18 49.60
Code Size(L×W×H) Power Force Weight
HSMSBF-31 100×100×100 30 8
HSMSBF-32 150×150×150 45 25.5
HSMSBF-33 200×200×200 55 50
HSMSBF-31-I 100×100×100 30 7.5
HSMSBF-32-I 150×150×150 40 22.5
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