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Special Powder Jet Mill

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  • Special powder jet mill

Special powder jet mill

nitrogen protection closed airflow pulverization classifier is used for inflammable and explosivespecial powder is inert gas supersonic airflow pulverization, due to the inert gas is expensive, usually adopts the closed loop system.

Special powder jet mill Featrues:

1. Flow mixer using my company can fluid dynamics numerical simulation software developed by institute of technology, to calculate the flow field, the most suitable the ideal pressure distribution to guide design, greatly improve the grinding efficiency, reduce the energy consumption, crushing the little.
2. Material collide with each other to crush, machinable mohs hardness of 1-10 materials, wear and tear is small, the product no iron pollution, and several of the hybrid materials can be crushed;
3. Mixer applicable scope wide, can choose according to flammable and explosive, easy oxidation, powder characteristics and its appropriate to the inert gas as protective gas;
4. Pieces can be according to the requirements of process and product properties control the purity of the inert gas;
5. Inert gas recycling, low loss;
6. Reasonable flow field of cooling, due to the air flow in the process of crushing the swelling and make the air temperature is reduced, to low temperature or normal temperature crushing material, which is especially suitable for heat-sensitive low melting point materials processing;
7. Pieces my company original outer end face sealing technology (patent), ensure uniform particle size distribution;
8. Can improve the structure of equipment, improve equipment performance, the reunion sexual superfine powder, polymer dispersion effectively disintegrate; fluidized bed jet mill
9. Pieces original fractional flow technology, which can get the best crushing efficiency and strict particle size distribution, crushing granularity can be arbitrary regulation between 1-74 – um, the finest of sub-micron, little material loss;
10. The seal negative pressure operation, pulse soot cleaning automatically, using imported filtration, precision filtration material collection efficiency > 99.99%;
11. A high degree of automation, PLC control system, the operation is simple.

Application domain application fields of Special powder jet mill

Mainly used for flammable, explosive, easy oxidation material crushing and classification;Typical materials include: carbonyl iron powder, red phosphorus, sulfur and phosphate, ndfeb, RDX, metal powder, cobalt powder, etc…

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