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Smooth Surface Sweeper Magnet 30″

/Smooth Surface Sweeper Magnet 30″
  • Smooth Surface Sweeper Magnet 30inch

30″ Smooth Surface Sweeper Magnet, Flat Floor Permanent Sweeper Magnet, Sweep-Ease Permanent Magnetic Sweeper, 30inch Self-Cleaning Magnetic Sweeper

Sweeper Magnet Feature:
Part No.: HSPMS-30FF
Sweeping Width: 30 inch
Overall Width: 34 inch
Carton Size: 89x18x22cm
G.W./N.W. : 15/13 kgs
COLOR: yellow, blue, gray, black and custom

 Magnetic floor sweeper is designed to provide a fast and efficient method of keeping floor space free from numerous small ferrous metal objects such as nails, screw, tacks, nuts and bolts. The sweeper is fitted with two large robust rubber wheels The direction of the sweeper is controlled by a long tubular steel handle which can be dismantled.

Wheeled Magnetic Sweep easily navigates uneven terrain while attracting and retaining metal debris. The 4” (10 cm) diameter magnet housing is designed to freely rotate on a stainless steel axle. There is no need for height adjustment. The cylindrical housing turns slightly as obstacles are encountered to prevent captured debris from being wiped off during use. The Wheeled Sweeps’ rotational quick release allows material to be removed from the tool quickly and easily. A heavy duty torsion spring returns magnetic surface of housing to down position after debris is released. A large capacity collection hopper allows multiple releases of debris without having to travel to a common dumping location. Permanent magnets assure long service life and resistance to shock and vibration. Magnets are also replaceable.

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Product Range

Part No. Size Quantity G.W./N.W. Carton size
HSPMS-18FF 18″ 2pcs/carton 11/9kgs 72X18X22cm
HSPMS-24FF 24″ 2pcs/carton 13/11kgs 72X18X22cm
HSPMS-30FF 30″ 2pcs/carton 15/13kgs 89X18X22cm
HSPMS-36FF 36″ 2pcs/carton 16/14kgs 103X18X22cm
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