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Smoke Detectors Magnetic Mounting

/Smoke Detectors Magnetic Mounting
  • Smoke Detectors Magnetic Mounting

Smoke Detectors Magnetic Mounting, Mounting set for smoke alarm, Smoke detector holding magnet Ø 70 mm x 0,5 mm magnetic installation, Magnet Pad for Smoke Detectors

Smoke Detectors Magnetic Mounting technical data
Part No.: HSSDMM
Packing quantity:Smoke detector holding magnet
Dimension:Ø 70 mm x 0,5 mm
Material:Neodymium Magnets

2 strong magnets hold together the galvanized steel washers
A secure hold even on suspended ceilings
Battery replacement and functional testing is made easy
Ceiling panel can be painted
Power Glue: extremely sturdy acrylate foam
Dimensions of the steel disks: diameter 70 mm, thickness: 0.5 mm

Safe protection against a silent death. Ideal for apartments, private houses, mobile homes and caravans. Safe installation without tools or mess Installation in less than 5 minutes. No drilling means no worries about drilling into electric or other cables Secure installation for most types of ceilings. Allows simple and easy changing of batteries and smoke detector tests. No danger of cables damaged being while mounting Alternative, self-adhesive mounting possibility of smoke detectors, completely without drilling.

Smoke detector holding magnet | magnetic installation for smoke detectors
Safe protection against a silent death. Ideal for apartments, private houses, mobile homes and caravans.
The magnetic mounting system for all conventional smoke detector models
self-adhesive – no drilling required
Assembly in less than 5 minutes
No risk of damage to electricity or other cables
Considerable simplification of battery replacement and functional testing
Stainless by consuming zinc only after punching
Secure attachment without tools and dirt
secure hold also on suspended ceilings
Large magnetic holding force by using extra thick material
Wear-resistant ADHESIVE
Ceiling element paintable

These self Adhesive sticky pads are perfect for surface mounting smoke alarm base plates to the ceiling, a suitable alternative to using screws.
Ideal for easily fixing smoke and CO alarms
Large surface area to ensure maximum performance
Strong self-adhesive material
Suitable for use on flat surfaces

Magnet Pad

Mounting of the detector via self-adhesive
magnet socket and self-adhesive metal plate
For all standard detectors to ø 70mm

No drilling
Mounting without tools
No dirt is produced
No damage
No danger of cables being damaged being while mounting
Mounting time
Detectors are mounting withing a few minutes
Easy handling
Simplifies the exchange of the battery or of the detector. poster frame mount magnet

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