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SmCo Bi-pole Deep Pot Magnet

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  • SmCo Bi-pole Deep Pot Magnet

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This is a SmCo Bi-pole Deep Pot Magnet (also known as a twin-pole pot magnet) which can be used in high temperature clamping applications. It is called a ‘Deep Pot’ because height is greater than the diameter.

They are a class of cylindrical permanent magnets mounted concentrically on a steel frame. Their application can be diverse and are normally used in adhesion applications. Other female objects, such as hooks, can be attached.

Samarium cobalt is a rare earth material which is used for higher temperature applications and this particular pot magnet will operate in temperatures up to 200°C. It has very tight manufacturing tolerances and the brass shell has been ground to an H9 tolerance allowing for press fitting into precision milled holes. The Samarium Cobalt is embedded in the centre of the pot magnet with two mild steel poles, one on either side of the magnet. These mild steels are visible on the bottom of the pot, one is north and the other is south. This arrangements gives flux concentration and a higher pull-surface area ratio. The steel poles also take the brunt of mechanical forces during clamping and protecting the Samarium Cobalt magnet inside the pot.

The deep pot name is linked to the design style (usually taller pot magnets with magnetism deeper into the clamped ferromagnetic surfaces). The Samarium Cobalt material allows it to be used at temperatures up to +200 degrees Celsius (+392 Fahrenheit). Having a precision ground H6 tolerance on its brass retaining shell / cup allows the magnet to be inserted into precision milled holes by press fitting. Deep Pot Holding Systems

The SmCo magnet material is embedded within the pot magnet structure – two ground mild steel poles are visible (one is a North face; the other a South face), allowing flux concentration to give a high pull to surface area ratio. The steel poles also allow the Samarium Cobalt deep pot bi-pole magnet design to take any mechanical forces during the clamping process, protecting the SmCo magnet within the deep pot.


This Samarium Cobalt deep pot design is often used in fixturing jigs, assembly designs, work-holding positioning applications, high temperature clamping applications and applications where high hold forces exist alongside larger mechanical knocks during the clamping.

The Samarium Cobalt (SmCo) bi-pole pot magnet comes in diameters varying from 6mm through to 32mm and height varying from 20mm to 40mm. The Samarium Cobalt (SmCo) bi-pole deep pot magnets have pull forces varying from 0.8kg (8N) up to 60kg (600N) depending on the application.

It is possible for us to produce Samarium Cobalt (SmCo) bi-pole pot magnets in different sizes with different pull force values – please contact us for more information if you require such a customised Samarium Cobalt (SmCo) twin-pole pot magnet.

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