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Smallest Micro Arc Segment Laminated Magnets

/Smallest Micro Arc Segment Laminated Magnets
  • Smallest Micro Arc Segment Laminated Magnets

Smallest Micro Arc Segment Laminated Magnets, Neodymium Laminated Glued Magnets, Permanent NdFeB Lamination Arc Magnet, insulated magnet or glued magnet for High Efficiency Motor, Multi-adhesive magnetic sheet Reduce Eddy Current Loss, sintered Ndfeb / SmCo permanent magnets, Segmentation Technology Layered Magnet

Smallest Micro Arc Segment Laminated Magnets Part No. HSLAMIM-13
Customzied Specific Requirements
Know as Lamination Magnetic Core
OEM or ODM service: Accept
Dimension: Customized size
Custom Grade: N33-N54(M.H.SH.UH.EH.AH )
Magnetization direction: Thickness, Length, Axially, Diametre, Radially, Multipolar
Surface Treatment: Silver, Gold, Zinc, Ni-cu-Ni. Epoxy etc.
Tolerance: +/-0.02 – 0.05mm
Application: NdfeB Neodymium rare earth permanent magnets are widely applied in Auto, energy-efficient Motors and Generators, Machinery, Audio/Video and Communication Equipment, Medical Device(MRI), Office Automation, Magnetic Separator, etc.

Laminated magnet is produced with several pieces of magnets glued so as to reach insulation effect between those pieces. Therefore sometimes laminated magnet is also called insulated magnet or glued magnet. Laminated SmCo or laminated Neodymium rare earth magnets are proven to reduce the eddy current loss for the high efficiency motors.

Accompanying the higher performance and lower cost of permanent magnets, permanent magnets are also coming into use in large machines such as motors for electric cars, motors for railroads, and wind-powered electric generators. With the expansion of usage applications, permanent magnets are also becoming larger and coming to be used at higher rotation rates, so the loss due to eddy currents from permanent magnets is becoming a problem. Therefore, the permanent magnet loss in magnetic circuits is simulated with magnetic field analysis and magnet shapes are proposed to reduce that loss. N35UH Neodymium Laminated Glued Magnets

The fewer the eddy current loss becomes, the lower the heat generates to enhance higher efficiency. Nowadays the demand of laminated rare earth magnets has been going up, because aerospace, industrial markets and promising EV especially are dedicating to pursuing the balance between motor power and heat.  Custom Drawing Design Block Insulated Magnet Thanks to knowledge in electric motor and extensive experience in laminated magnets, Horizon can work with customers to improve motor performance through ensuring laminated magnets with following characteristics:

Stable working at temperature up to 200˚C
Consistency of insulation guaranteed
Insulation layer ranging 25 -100 μm
Magnet layer with thickness from 0.5mm and up in a wide of shapes like block, loaf, segment and wedge
Magnet material in SmCo or Neodymium

Eddy Current for Large Motor
There is much development underway of large-size motors using rare earth magnets. As a result, heat generation due to eddy current in enlarged magnets is becoming a problem. The effect of countermeasures can be grasped quantitatively by analyzing the magnet eddy current using magnetic field simulation. it is a model of analyzing a 4-pole, 36-slot IPM motor. Two permanent magnets are embedded per pole. The output is 140 kW. The eddy current loss occurring in these magnets was calculated for when the motor was driven with inverter current with much current distortion and the sinusoidal current. The eddy current loss was 20 W with sinusoidal drive and 710 W with inverter drive. Since sinusoidal drive causes almost no heating, this IPM motor is almost completely unaffected by slot ripple and the cause of the heat generation is the inverter current distortion.

As a countermeasure to eddy current, it is effective to split magnets. The relationship between the number of pieces magnets are split into and the eddy current loss is summarized. This made it clear that eddy current can be reduced by splitting magnets and insulating between the pieces. it shows condition of eddy current in the magnets for inverter drive when the magnets are not split and when they are split into 6 pieces. This shows that the eddy current paths become finer with the split magnets.

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Micro Arc Segment Laminated Magnet Dimension

Micro Arc Segment Laminated Magnet Dimension