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Small Latch Sandwich Magnet

/Small Latch Sandwich Magnet
  • sandwich magnet

Sandwich Magnet, Small Latch Magnet Sandwich Assemby,  Strong Ceramic Magnet Sandwich, Sandwich Assembly Magnets China Supplier

Sandwich Magnet Specifications:
Part No.:HSSA-01
Material: Ceramic Flexible Magnet + 2 Steel Plates
Shape: Sandwich
Width: 0.844 inch
Length: 1.060 inches
Height: 0.844 inch
Thickness: 0.313 inch
Mounting: N/A
Lift Strength: 16 lb.
Weight: 1 lb.

Sandwich Magnets, assemblied with steel plates and ferrite magnets or ndfeb magnets, are usually used in door latchs,mounting displays, signs, mounts, etc. Those sandwich magnets have strong holding force. Magnetic strength can be multiplied by up to 32 times by using steel armatures to concentrate magnetic flux. Such armatures may take the form of backing plates, channels or cups. The maximum increase in power is obtained when magnets are sandwiched between two plates. Custom-sized sandwich magnetic assemblies can be produced on demands. All other round bases, channels and sandwiches assembly magnets are available as well.

Material: Steel Parts, Ceramic Magnets or Neodymium Magnets
Surface Treatment: Zinc or NiCuNi-plating, Color Paiting Steel Plate.
Max Working Temperature: 200℃

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Product Range



Part No. Material Length
Lift Strength
HSSA-01 Ceramic 1.060″ 0.844″ 0.844″ 10 lb.
HSSA-02 Ceramic 1.060″ 0.844″ 0.844″ 16 lb.
HSSA-03 Ceramic 1.060″ 0.844″ 0.844″ 20 lb.
HSSA-04 Ceramic 2.094″ 0.844″ 0.844″ 22 lb.
HSSA-05 Ceramic 3.060″ 0.844″ 0.844″ 22 lb.
HSSA-06 Ceramic 2.125″ 1.060″ 1.060″ 50 lb.
HSSA-07 Ceramic 2.125″ 1.000″ 1.000″ 50 lb.
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