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Six Arc Segments Make 2″ Ring Rare Earth Neodymium N52 Magnet for Motor

/Six Arc Segments Make 2″ Ring Rare Earth Neodymium N52 Magnet for Motor
  • Rare Earth Neodymium N52 Magnet for Motor

Six Arc Segments Make 2″ Ring Rare Earth Neodymium N52 Magnet for Motor, 4,000 Gauss (One) Large Neodymium N52 grade ring magnet Halbach Array , Ring Rare Earth Neodymium Permanent Magnets for Direct Drive Permanent Magnet Generators

Six Arc Segments Make 2″ Ring Rare Earth Neodymium N52 Magnet Part No. HSSNM-N52-2-1
1 (One) Large Neodymium N52 grade ring magnet. This item is super strong, measuring around 4,000 Gauss as shown on the meter. Each piece is triple plated with Ni-Cu-Ni to prevent corrosion and rust. This ring magnet is made from joining six Arc shaped magnets.
These pieces were custom made and magnetized in such a way to create an alternating magnetic field pattern. Picture in the listing shows the magnetic pole arrangement once the Arc segments are joined together.
Note: (The magnetic poles will not be marked on the pieces that you receive.)
This design and magnetic pole arrangement resembles the Star of David pattern, often used for magnetic healing applications.
This ring assembly is also a great choice for motor designs and experiments dealing with alternating magnetic fields.
Please see pictures for further description and ask all questions before purchasing.

Approximate pulling force: 25 lbs
Approximate Dimensions: (Assembled Ring)
2″ O.D.
1″ I.D.
1/8″ Thick

Magnetized through the thickness, meaning the poles are located on the large flat surfaces.
This Sale Includes: Six Arc segments that will require assembly to make the 2″ Ring.
These are not toys and should be handled with caution! Be careful during the assembly process. Allowing the magnets to snap together to hard will cause them to break or chip.

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