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Sintered Neodymium Magnetic Stator Assembly

/Sintered Neodymium Magnetic Stator Assembly
  • Sintered Neodymium Magnetic Stator Assembly

Sintered Neodymium Magnetic Stator Assembly, Permanent Magnet Rotor Assemblies for Motors, Magnet Rotor And Stator Assembly, High-power Permanent magnet rotor on shaft, Sintered Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnetic rotor stator motor parts assembly

Sintered Neodymium Magnetic Stator Assembly Basic Info:

We can supply rotating electrical components of different sizes from less than 1 “to greater than 12”. We have a lot of experience in preventing the magnet from falling off when the motor rotates at high speed. Usually we use Kevlar or carbon fiber winding and stainless steel sleeve.
Main applications: automotive motors, medical (eg ventilators), energy – engines (eg wind turbines), industrial – motor.

Permanent Magnet Rotor And Stator Assembly, Permanent magnet rotor on shaft
Mainly used in the permanent magnet rotor components of motor with high-power (ultra-high speed), high-function (high temperature) , starting a new stage of the application and development of rare earth permanent magnet motor, demanding higher technological producing requirements of rare earth permanent magnet precision rotor that works under a high-speed, high temperature environment.

Feature of product:
1, low-temperature magnetic attenuation characteristics, and rotor table magnetic uniformity and magnetic properties of the consistency.
2, high-power (ultra-high speed), high-function (high temperature) servo motor with permanent magnet rotor components. Research and implementation of the semi-plating surface treatment technology to improve the glue and the product affinity, and ultimately to achieve the bonding strength of glue than the traditional bonding technology more than doubled.
3, can provide stainless steel sets, carbon fiber, glass fiber, no belt and potting epoxy protection technology to achieve harsh environments high temperature and high speed work requirements.
4, high temperature and high humidity surface protection technology. 5, fully automated assembly, testing technology.

Magnet info OF Rare Earth Magnetic Rotor Components
Materials: Sintered Neodymium-Iron-Boron
Grades Range: N35-N52; N35M-N50M; N35H-N48H, N35SH-N45SH; N30UH-N40UH,N30EH-N38EH
-The grade like N48-N52 could meet your requirements on strong power
-Standard one like N35 or N40 is okay for your normal applications
Shapes Others available: Block, Ring, Cylinder, Disc, Customized shape as your design.
Size Length x Width x Thickness You could choose freely according to your plan.
Coatings Others available: Nickel, Zinc, Gold, Silver, Epoxy, Parylene, etc.
Orientation Through the direction of thickness or according to your needs.
Quality Our expert quality control department ensures magnets are high quality.
Applications Sensors, motors, rotors, wind turbine,wind generators, etc.
1. strong magnetic force
2. high intrinsic ,coercive force
3. All shapes can be made
4. high accuracy
5. IECQ Certificate of Confirmity
1.Don’t swallow, This product contains small magnet, Swallowed magnets can stick together across intestines causing serious or fatal injury, Seek immedicate medical attention if magnets are swallowd or inhaled.
2. Don’t put them in nose or mouth which are so super strong, And must be kept far away from Children

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