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Sintered NdFeB Ring Speaker Magnets

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Sintered NdFeB Ring Speaker Magnets, Sintered NdFeB (Neodymium Iron Boron) Ring Magnet, Loundspeaker Neo Rings, Headphone Magnets, Telephone Magnets, China Megaphone Neodymium Magnets

We mainly produced sintered NdFeB Ring Speaker Magnets because it is the one widely used in many fields. The coercive force of Sintered NdFeB is very high and its Bhmax is about ten times of that of Ferrite magnet. As its fairly good mechanical properties, it can be processed into many different shapes or with various holes. Some of its products with high-performance can work under the situation up to 200℃. However, it is easy to be rusted for its elements. Therefore we should make surface treatment in accord with different requirements, such as zinc-coated, Nickel-coated, Ag- coated, Au-coated,Epoxy-coated etc.

At present we can manufacture the sintered NdFeB in a range from N35-N52,30M-50M,30H-48H,30SH-45SH,28UH-40UH, 28EH-38EH. And we can realize different shapes such as disc magnets, ring magnets, rectangle magnets, arc segment magnets and some other special shaped magnets. Some times we would help customers to design the shape of the magnet.

Advantages of Sintered Neodymium Magnet for Speaker

1. Thermostability
Magnetic properties of NdFeB deteriorate rapidly above about 130 Centigrade, depending on the grade of material, and the permeance coefficient of the magnet in operation. The higher the permeance coefficient the magnet operates at, the higher the temperature it will withstand. High Hci NdFeB materials operating at a high permeance coefficient can operate to about 210 Centigrade. Shapes, Sizes, and Grades Available Isotropic bonded NdFeB can be specially formulated to meet special requirements, with energy products from 1 to 10MGOe, as required.

2. Largest Magnetic Force
Br of Neodymium magnets are much more than 11,000 Gauss. Therefore, Neodymium magnets have strong holding strength on metal surface and could be used as component for holding, separating, etc.
Neodymium magnets must be carefully handled to avoid personal injury and material damage due to its extremely magnetic strength and brittle property.

3. Surface Treatment
Neodymium Magnets are sensitive to temperature change and even lose magnet properties. They are easily corrupted in humid environment.
Surface protection is strongly recommended, such as plating, varnishing and encapsulating.

We supply any standard, custom, and OEM magnets of various shape and size from the N52, 48M, 45H, 42SH, 35UH and 33EH series at the lowest price within 10-15 days. The following coatings are available: Uncoated, Ni Cu Ni, Zinc, Gold, Silver, Epoxy, Phosphatised, Cr, Ni black Ni, and Cu. Fast delivery on Non stock Neodymium Magnets.

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