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Single Circuit Magnetic Vises

/Single Circuit Magnetic Vises
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Magnetic Vises Technology Data:

Part No: HSMV-SCM Series
Dimension: As shown below table
The minimum thickness: 15mm
Magnetic Force: 185 kgf
Explaination: with or without connecting on/off switch
Weight: 4 KG

For vertical and horizontal CNC cutting machine and milling machine, fast clamping workpiece, can do 5 cutting, drilling, tapping, milling groove at one time, save processing process to reduce duplication of excessive processing procedures Tolerances, and improve work efficiency, significantly reducing processing costs. According to the size of the workpiece free combination of the number of magnetic table, location and spacing.


Suitable for medium and large workpiece, not for small ones;


1, Powerful rare-earth magnets for up to 4,620 lbs. holding power (per vise)
2, Gang multiple vises together and increase holding power as needed
3, Quickly and easily adjust size of setup and number of chucks as needed


Reduce setup and change-over down time by 50%
Freely machine on all 5-sides to reduce number of operations
No workpiece deformation

Instructions for Use Magnetic Vises

1 Prepare before use
1-1 According to the size of the workpiece (the workpiece and permanent magnet sucker surface magnetometer contact the number of the number of) a reasonable development of the cutting range of the machine.
1-2 Wipe the bottom surface of the suction cup and clean the surface of the machine table. Place the suction cup in the appropriate position on the machine table. Fix the suction cup with the pressure plate and the matching T-slot bolt, nut and washer. Machine workbench.
1-3 Use the dial indicator to measure the parallelism of the table on the machine table and correct the sucker according to the requirements. If necessary, use the machining function of the machine to correct the working surface of the sucker to reach the required parallelism.

2 Workpiece holding
2-1 Place the workpiece in the appropriate position on the table surface of the suction cup and turn the eccentric shaft counterclockwise from the OFF position (OFF) to the ON position (ON) (approx. 180 °) using the hex wrench (supplied) The workpiece is sucked sucker.
2-2 If the workpiece is small, the auxiliary stop can be added reasonably around the workpiece according to the tool cutting direction and the direction of the tool. The auxiliary stop should be placed with the workpiece before the workpiece is sucked.
2-3 Do not drill the work surface, if it can not be avoided, the drilling position should be selected in the magnetic blocks, to avoid playing in the box and the box between the epoxy bar. Depth of the largest 10mm.

3 Release of the workpiece
After machining, the eccentric shaft is rotated clockwise from the ON position (ON) to the OFF position by the hexagonal wrench, and the workpiece is removed from the suction cup table.

Magnetic Vises Note:

Do not hold the handle in the process of holding or releasing the workpiece during operation. Do not release the handle during operation to avoid accidental action due to the magnetic action that causes the handle to automatically spring back to the OFF position.

4 Factors affecting the workpiece suction
4-1 The surface of the workpiece should be flattened. If the surface of the workpiece is abutted by grooves or grooves, the suction of the workpiece by the suction cup will be affected.
4-2 the size of the workpiece will be holding area will affect the suction force on the workpiece, the workpiece area is small, a small number of groups of magnetic contact, suction force to small, while the workpiece is too small, the handle will handle large sucker, Causing inconvenience.
4-3 workpiece thickness will also affect the workpiece suction force, the workpiece is too thin, will reduce the suction force on the workpiece, the workpiece is too thick, will make the cutting force on the workpiece torque is too large, affecting the stability of the workpiece.

5 Maintenance and maintenance (please do not open the permanent magnet sucker)
5-1 should be kept suction cup table clean, after use should be disconnected magnetic circuit, and coated with anti-rust oil.
5-2 It is forbidden to deposit debris on the work surface to avoid affecting the flatness.
5-3 in the handling process, to prevent the work surface bump, knock hair, so as not to affect the performance.
5-4 In the course of long-term use, if the work surface roughness, flatness or parallelism after installation of the workpiece tolerance, machine tool conditions can be used to repair.
5-5 found in the course of the hexagonal wrench pull the eccentric shaft handle when the handle force is too large or insufficient suction force should be promptly contacted with the purchase of manufacturers to repair.

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Product Range



HSMV-SCM Series Permanent Magnetic Workholding Vises Parameters

Part No.
Magnetic Force
Minimum Thickness
 of workpiece

State: We are sorry to say that we have no explanation if there is some change of above sizes.

A: with or without connecting on/off switch

B: with or without connecting on/off switch

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