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Single Sine Permanent Magnetic Chuck MCS SERIES

/Single Sine Permanent Magnetic Chuck MCS SERIES
  • sine-permanent-magnetic-chuck-mcs-series

MCS SERIES Sine Permanent Magnetic Chuck, Single Angle / Sine Permanent Magnetic Chuck, Sine bar / plate permanent magnetic chuck, Pole Pitch 0.5+1.5mm Magnetic Sine Plate/Table, Manual Permanent Magnetic Sine Plate for Grinding Machine

Sine Permanent Magnetic Chuck – MCS series rectangular permanent magnetic sine chucks are designed to clamp ferromagnetic workpieces (i.e. iron, structural steel, alloy steel, cast iron) during grinding, milling and electrical discharge machining in a horizontal position and at the angle of 52°. The body of the chuck consists of a single block of steel, while its top plate is made from steel and brass lamellas placed interchangeably. The steel base ensures a high rigidity and thus also a high accuracy of grinding. MCS series chucks use neodymium magnets, thanks to which the maximum clamping force is obtained.
The chuck can be set at a required angle by placing gauge blocks between the base of the chuck and its support roller (the height of blocks is selected according to the table attached to the manual). Another way to set a required angle is to use a precision protractor.
The rigid structure of the chuck enables very precise machining, while its tightness allows using the chuck for operations involving coolant or operations in full submersion. In order to make it easier to clamp workpieces at an angle, the chuck has a stop rail useful in positioning.
The pole pitch (1.5 ± 0.5 mm) allows holding workpieces of different sizes. Pole pitch diagram:

1. It applies for surface grinder, sparkle machine and linear cutting machine.
2. When turning magnetic force ON/OFF, the flat face accuracy of magnetic force surface does not change and can keep high precision processing surface.
3. The fine-pitch magnetic poles make it ideally suitable  for small and thin work pieces.
4. Made from permanent magnet, with strong magnetic force and little remained magnetism.
5. Specially designed for steady and high precision operation.
6. High performance magnetic steel in disc has strong suction and almost diminishes remnant magnet

Large effective area is provided for machining the work pieces.
Positive locking at all angles without any distortion.
Constructed of hardened alloy tool steel. Excellent holding power with low energy consumption.
Angle precision 0.007/100mm. Low height for more weel clearance.
Flat type for wide range of uses. Ideal for high accuracy grinding operations. Suitable for grinding application, holding components on grinding matchines.

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Product Range

Part No. Dimension (mm) Weight (kgs) Pole Pitch (mm) Operating Angle Package Packing Quantity
Length Width High Net Gross Size(mm) Material
MCS1018 230 104 100 10.5 14 2(1.5+0.5) 0º -50º 300x200x150 Plywood 1
MCS1025 300 104 100 15 20 2(1.5+0.5) 0º -50º 370x200x150 Plywood 1
MCS1225 300 120 100 17 23 2(1.5+0.5) 0º -50º 380x220x150 Plywood 1
MCS1530 350 150 100 25 32 2(1.5+0.5) 0º -50º 430x250x150 Plywood 1
MCS1545 500 150 110 37 44 2(1.5+0.5) 0º -50º 580x250x160 Plywood 1
MCS2040 450 200 110 44 52 2(1.5+0.5) 0º -50º 530x300x160 Plywood 1
MCS2050 550 200 110 55 64 2(1.5+0.5) 0º -50º 630x300x160 Plywood 1

Due to continuous upgradation in design there could be changes in specification.
Other sizes on request.



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