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Silicon Steel Sheet Iron Loss Tester Magnetic Core Lossmete

/Silicon Steel Sheet Iron Loss Tester Magnetic Core Lossmete
  • Silicon Steel Sheet Iron Loss Tester Magnetic Core Lossmete

FE-30SST Silicon Steel Sheet Iron Loss Tester Magnetic Core Lossmete

FE-30SST Silicon Steel Sheet Iron Loss Meter adopts SCM technique and analog electronics technique, the magnetic circuit of permeameter adopts low loss silicon steel iron core, it is a small tester for measuring the characteristics of silicon steel sheet, met the requirements of tracing the brand of silicon steel sheet.

The design of hardware circuit is according to Chinese industry standard(GB / 3655-2000), through real-time sampling for the secondary induction voltage V and primary exciting current I to compensate air to below 1.0mV. It adopts the wave feedback technology, to ensure that the sinusoidal waveform of magnetic flux, compared with similar products, the measuring data will be more accurate.

Instrument features

FE-30SST Silicon Steel Sheet Iron Loss Tester Magnetic Core Lossmeter

Panel direct operation, stand-alone can complete the set point of the test
Measurement of loss ratio of single – chip stator chip P1.5 / 50 by open – circuit magnetometer
The closed-loop measurement can lock the magnetic flux Bm test over the total loss
The closed-circuit measurement can be locked by the magnetic flux Hm to test the magnetic induction
Closed magnetic flux meter really made a zero flux compensation
Closed – circuit magnetometer for accurate measurement of oriented, non – oriented silicon steel
The connection computer can perform a variety of curve tests

Software features

FE-30SST Silicon Steel Sheet Iron Loss Tester Magnetic Core Lossmeter

The software system supports WinXP / NT / 7 and other mainstream operating systemsThe test process is automatic, no manual operation (only need to put the sample)(B) to determine the magnetic field (H) value, you can also lock the magnetic field (H) to measure the magnetic induction (B) valueReal-time acquisition of waveforms during testing and discontinuation of operation at any timeThe software uses a database file format that supports direct printing and exporting the results to an Excel spreadsheetCan be directly on the data to save, delete, clear and other operationsCan be multi-point measurement, and the data can be set up clusterThrough the multi-point cluster, can display hysteresis loop, magnetization curve, permeability curve and loss curveSupport a variety of models of the printer, the test report can be directly hit  The test report can generate JPG, Bmp file format, and can send a report file via email.

Instrument Parameter

Name Parameter
Power Supply 220V ±20V/0.5A,50HZ
Output Power 15V/1.5A
Test Frequency 50Hz, 60Hz free choice
Test model Lock B Measure H and Lock H Measure B values for both modes
Bm setting range 500mT~1900mT
Hm setting range 100A/m~10000A/m
Accuracy rating PS Accuracy 2.0%, Bm Accuracy 1.0%
Dimension 280mm*90mm*300mm
Demo requirements Length: more than 100mm, width: 20mm ~ 30mm

Thickness: 0.1mm to 0.65mm

Requires sample formation, strictly speaking, need to sample the annealing process to trace the national standard.


FE-30SST silicon steel sheet iron loss tester can be matched with different excitation tooling according to actual test.

Open circuit permeameter: suitable for the monolithic test in the finished silicon stator. It can directly test under P1.5/50, with accuracy of 5.0%.
Closed circuit permeameter: suitable for the accurate measurement of the monolithic silicon stator whose length is above 150mm and width is between 20mm and 30mm. coercive force meter
DX-30SST test software: realize the measurement of Hysteresis loop, demagnetization curve, Ps, Bm, Br, Hc,ua, δ, etc.

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