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Shuttering Magnets with Adapters / Adaptors

/Shuttering Magnets with Adapters / Adaptors
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Shuttering Magnets with Adapters / Adaptors, MAGNETIC SHUTTERING SYSTEM FOR CONCRETE PRODUCTION, Magnetic Shuttering System with Adaptors, Magnetic Block and mounting system, Magnetic Box Adapter, Magnetic Formwork System SUPPLIER FACTORY

Shuttering Magnets with Adapters Feature:

Magnetic Formwork is based on the Magnetic Block and mounting system – ADAPTERS, adaptor .
Adapters provide the opportunity to fully express the benefits of the Magnetic Shuttering such as:
– Manufacturing of products up to 600 mm;
– Manufacture of all flat products simple, complicated and radial shape;
– Fastening of the formwork to steel table without welding
– Save time for fixing of the formwork up to 70%
– No need to contain many different product forms.
– For the production of various concrete products need to have one universal formwork.
– Reduction in the production of concrete products up to 20%

We offer a variety of Adapters: Standard adapters: Concrete products manufacturing of varying thickness
– From 100 to 200 mm
– From 150 to 250 mm
– From 300 to 400 mm

And manufactured according to customer’s drawings or requests, for example (see pictures)
On the pictures:
1) Steel Table
2) The shuttering panel
3) The block with magnet (magnet)
4) Adapter
5) A magnet for attaching the flexible board
6) Adapter for flexible board
7) Flexible steel board
8) Window

Variety adaptor available. Customs adaptor could be designed.

How to use precast magnet box? People who use this magnet need to find some shuttering adapter to suit the precast magnet box onto the concrete framework, this framework could be made of plywood,wood, iron steel, aluminum… Then push the round handle button on the top, the block magnet in steel box will sink and contact and catch with iron steel part. After setting the magnet to the formwork,The concrete will be formed trimly just as the precast framework likes.
If someone want to remove the concrete magnet, he need to find a crowbar and pry up the round handle button and the block magnet will return to its position and not catch the iron steel.
Using the Concrete Formwork Magnet is very convenient, construction workers could build a concrete formwork on a ground ,and fit two hex bolt with the adapter onto the the concrete formwork. There is another means of using the concrete formwork magnet,workers could hold the concrete formwork on a hydraulic platform,build and stock the concrete walls,and using forklift and crane to carry the walls while using them. Precast Concrete Magnetic Formwork

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