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Shuttering Magnet 450KGS for Precast Concrete Formwork

/Shuttering Magnet 450KGS for Precast Concrete Formwork
  • Shuttering-Magnet-450kgs

Shuttering Magnet 450KGS for Precast Concrete Formwork, Magnetic Formwork System, Formwork Shuttering Magnets, 450kgs Magnetic Shuttering, Precast Concrete Formwork Construction Shuttering Magnet

Shuttering Magnet 450KGS – HSMAG Precast produced shuttering magnet 450KGS (HS-STM-450) which is a small size shuttering magnet specification for steel precast concrete platform. Shuttering magnet is an ideal range of applications perfectly suitable for all kinds of precast concrete formwork construction, both for wood and steel shuttering. All HSMAG shuttering magnets have extraordinarily high adhesive power in comparison to their weight. The HSMAG shuttering magnet have automatic System to activate and deactivate the magnet allows unlimited options at the push of a button. With the accordingly developed adaptor technology HSMAG shuttering magnets provided unlimited options for use, which meet your requirements at all times.

High force from 450kgs
Integrated automatic mechanism with steel springs
Intergrated M16 screw to adapt formwork
Adapter can be deliveried according to your special demand
Same Magnet can be used in different ways.

Shuttering magnet magnet box has 450KGS above adhesive force,you can use the screws to fix the adapter and then we can put it onto the sideform tightly. We improve the force to 450KGS with adjustment of the magnetic circuit and using higher grade magnet material,this can be used for the platform which has bigger vibration and higher shear force requirement. Please Call Us Today! 86-574-27667267 |

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Product Range



450 kgs adhesive force:
L= 170mm
B= 60mm
H1= 40mm (Box)
H2= 69mm (Magnet Activated)
H3= 79mm (Magnet Deactivated)

Item No. L(mm)
W(mm) H(mm) Weight(kg) Force(kg)
HS-STM-450 170 60 40 1.8 450
HS-STM-600 170 60 40 2.5 600
HS-STM-650 280 60 40 2.3 650
HS-STM-900 280 60 40 3.0 900
HS-STM-1350 320 120 60 6.2 1350
HS-STM-1500 320 120 60 6.6 1500
HS-STM-1800 320 120 60 7.2 1800
HS-STM-2100 320 120 60 7.5 2100
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