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Shuttering Holding Magnets – Magnetic Fixing System

/Shuttering Holding Magnets – Magnetic Fixing System
  • PL-E-shuttering-holding-magnets-magnetic-fixing-system

Shuttering Holding Magnets, PL/E Holding Magnets – PL/E Magnetic Fixing System for Precast Technology, Magnetic Formwork,  Magnetic Fixing Handle System, Magnetic Shuttering System

Shuttering Holding Magnets – Magnetic technology for concrete shuttering in precast parts

-Square finish
-Less weight makes it easier to use.
-Ideal to fix and hold corner formwork.
-The easy handling allows for a fast and efficient work methodology.
-Easy fastening of proprietary formwork or wooden boards.
-The PL/E is released through its eccentric handle system.

The PL/E holding magnet is a combination of a rigid plastic casing and a powerful magnet disc. This magnet also features the superior MSS that ensures easy handling. The magnet can be easily moved on the shuttering table and exactly positioned. After being slightly pressed, it develops its entire holding power. PL/E detaching is done simply by hand or foot pressing of the handle.

Ideal areas of application are e.g. shuttering supplements, as well as window or door blockouts made of wood or aluinium. Due to its light weight and excellent handling, the PL/E holding magnet can be also used as supporting magnet for other purposes. Various shuttering can be fastened by simply fixing onto the plastic casing, without any large outlay.

Quick and rational working thanks to MSS, low weight and high holding power make the PL/E magnet multifunctional for a wide range of applications.

HSMAG delivers customized solutions for precast concrete plants. Efficient and ergonomic formwork systems protect your mission-critical resources. please contact us to send a quote.

Precast Concrete Magnet is configured with a big neodymium Block Magnet in to a steel house.the neodymium block magnet is very big of size which is very large.Magnet For Precast Concrete, is a magnetic tool to hold concrete formwork. There are two hex bolt and a round handle button on the top of the precast Concrete Magnet, the hex bolt is for fixed with adapter and handle button is for push to use. U-profile Concrete Shuttering System

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Product Range



Part No. Mag.force
PL/E-400 4.000 3,7 180 252 160 90
PL/E-650 6.500 3,7 180 252 160 90
PL/E-850 8.500 3,7 180 252 160 90
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