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Shallow Pot SmCo Magnet High Temp Press fit Anchoring

/Shallow Pot SmCo Magnet High Temp Press fit Anchoring
  • Shallow Pot SmCo Magnet High Temp Press fit Anchoring

Shallow Pot SmCo Magnet High Temp Press fit Anchoring, Rare Earth Sintered SmCo Round Base Magnets, Anisotropic Samarium Cobalt Round Magnets in blind steel pots, Strong Cup Magnets, Holder Holding Pot Magnet China Factory

Shallow Pot SmCo Magnet High Temp Press fit Anchoring Specifications
Diameter of shell: 17.5 mm (0.68″)
Diameter of magnet: 14 mm (0.55″)
Thickness: 5 mm (0.19″)
Axially Magnetised through the thickness
Weight: 9g
Grade: SmCo2:17
Coating: none, NOTE there is a brass lining between the magnet and the steel shell.
Maximum Temp: 200°C / 392°F
Theoretical Maximum Pull: 3.3lb / 53oz / 1497g
Calculated Max Vertical Hold-guidance only: 0.66lb / 10.6oz / 299g
THIS IS NOT A TOY, choking hazard.
Pull and hold calculations are approximate only are only for guidance.
These are specifically designed for press fitting into application and, as such, have no method of anchoring.

The pull is calculated using a mathematical formula and is, therefore, the theoretical maximum hold between one magnet and a mild steel plate. It does not take account of manufacturing tolerances, plating, plating thickness or variances in a mild steel plate. The vertical hold is based upon the calculated pull and is, therefore, only for guidance. Factors such as paint thickness, plasticised surfaces, movement and vibration are not taken into account. Axially Magnetized Samarium Cobalt Disk Magnets, Electronic Rare Earth Sintered SmCo Circular Magnets

WARNING: Samarium magnets are unsuitable for children under 8. All Cobalt magnets are extremely brittle. Do not allow these magnets to jump together or to an iron/steel surface – they will break, crack, chip or shatter.

Samarium Cobalt (SmCo) magnets, a type of rare earth magnet, are permanent magnets made of an alloy of samarium and cobalt. They are extremely strong magnets, and have excellent resistance to corrosion. Although they are hard and brittle due to the sintering process when manufactured, Samarium Cobalt magnets have the highest resistance to demagnetization and outstanding temperature stability, which makes them an excellent choice for many situations even though they may be more expensive than other magnets. Samarium cobalt magnets are often used in automotive, marine, medical, hi-tech computer and electronics applications.

Anisotropic Strontium ferrite ceramic 8 material. These magnets are inset into blind steel pots meaning that there is no method of anchoring them. They are, therefore, intended for press fitting into an application, with or without the use of adhesives to keep them in place. To use, drill a hole of the appropriate diameter and then insert the pot magnet. The steel cup has the effect of focusing the magnetism away from it which increases the strength of the magnetic field on the exposed face and, therefore, the magnets will hold more than they would if the steel cup was not present. Sintering Samarium Cobalt Disc Sensor Magnets

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