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Self-Cleaning Electromagnetic Separators for Tramp Iron

/Self-Cleaning Electromagnetic Separators for Tramp Iron
  • Self-Cleaning Electromagnetic Separators for Tramp Iron

Self-Cleaning Electromagnetic Separators for Tramp Iron, HSRCDD series dry self-cleaning small magnetic separator for mineral separation, naturally cooled automatic cleaning belt electromagnetic iron separator, self-cleaning electromagnetic tramp iron separator

HSRCDD series Self-Cleaning Electromagnetic Separators for Tramp Iron, naturally cooled automatic cleaning belt electromagnetic iron separator is added with drive motor, gear box, drive drum, driven drum, iron-cleaning belt on the basis of RCDB series. This machine is usually suspended above the conveyor belt to collect magnetic elements, especially ferrous elements from non-magnetic materials and clean the magnetic elements automatically. This machine has high magnetic field intensity and a long service life. It is dust-proof, water-proof, fast heat radiating, automatic cleaning and corrosion-resistant. electromagnet for conveyor self-cleaning separator, electromagnetic separator for tramp iron

The HSRCDD series Self-Cleaning Electromagnetic Separators for Tramp Iron can be utilized to remove waste and tramp iron from the pulverizing machine or the conveyor machine. It can unload accumulated iron automatically.

The magnetic circuitry is designed with an advanced computer interface and is capable of excellent magnetic penetration and powerful magnetic force. The interior of the electromagnetic iron separator is cast with resin and retains a wholly sealed structure. This extra reinforcement grants the equipment protection from dust, rain, and erosion.

Designed to endure harsh environments, our electromagnetic separator is also very easy to maintain. The hourglass drum structure is equipped with an automatic conveyor belt capable of self rectification. Our bearing pedestals are completely sealed and guarantee continuous, smooth operations.

The electromagnetic separation system can be operated manually or through centralized control and is very versatile. It can be used in many applications and is compatible with various setups. It can effectively magnetize mixed waste materials weighing in the range of 0.1 to 50 kg and separate them from non magnetic substances.

Self-Cleaning Electromagnetic Separators for Tramp Iron – When the machine operates, the materials on the conveyor belt pass beneath the belt electromagnetic separator, and the magnetic materials, especially the ferrous materials in the raw materials will be attracted to the cleaning belt. Driven by the motor, the cleaning belt will move forward, and the magnetic materials on the cleaning belt will be driven to move accordingly under friction force and effect of baffle plate. When the magnetic materials move away from the magnetic field area, as a result of its gravity and inertia, they will either fall to another conveyor belt on the left and be conveyed to the assembling area, or just fall to a collecting bin beneath the magnetic separator, and this is the end of the auto cleaning process. neodymium halbach array motor magnets

As a China-based self-cleaning electromagnetic tramp iron separator manufacturer and supplier, our company offers a broad range of products, including self-cleaning permanent magnetic separator, eddy current separator, electromagnetic stirrer, concentrate dewatering magnetic separator, and much more.

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Product Range


Technical Specifications 

Model Belt
height h mm
Magnetic field
intensity >mT
depth < MM
power < KW
< KW
< M
Appearance size mm
HSRCDD-5 500 150 60 100 1 1.5 4.5 950 2020 1040 775
HSRCDD-6.5 650 200 70 150 2 2.2 1490 2275 1190 820
HSRCDD-8 800 250 200 3 2.2 1770 2540 1480 865
HSRCDD-10 1000 300 250 .5 3.0 2380 2750 1635 940
HSRCDD-12 1200 350 300 5.8 3170 3000 1800 1010
HSRCDD-14 1400 400 350 6.7 4.0 4800 3500 2050 1050
HSRCDD-16 1600 450 400 9.5 5.5 6300 3900 2450 1180
HSRCDD-18 1800 500 450 12.5 7.5 7800 4400 2850 1290
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