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Screw Rubber Magnetic Former

/Screw Rubber Magnetic Former
  • screw rubber magnetic former

Screw Rubber Magnetic Former, Capstan Rubber Magnetic Recess Former with Screw, Magnetic Rubber Recess Former, Standard Round Formers with Metal Parts, Anchor Magnetic Recess Former Rubber Sleeve, Precast Magnetic Recess Former

Rubber Magnetic Former – Recess Former is a reusable unit that can be mounted to the form in a variety of ways: using a stud and wingnut, or tapped plate and threaded rod, or magnetic locator.Removal of the recess member is required to expose the embedded anchor. Available in 1.3T, 2.5T, 5T, 7.5T, 15/20-Ton sizes.

The Capstan Anchor can be installed in metal moulds by the use of magnetic formers. These are used where the lifting anchors are not accessible when casting. They are available in load groups from 1.3t to 10.0t. All magnetic formers are zinc plated for corrosion resistance or made with a rubber coating.

Magnetic recess former is a good and fastest way to fix and position lifting pin anchor and build recess on the steel formwork. The magnetic recess former can help lifting pin anchor to change the position quickly and precisely. The magnetic recess former did not need mold hole to arrange former stud like rubber recess former. It can extend steel formwork life and non-damage. Also the magnetic recess former need rubber seal to prevent concrete into recess. The lifting pin anchor with double head did not need the rubber seal.

Please refer to HSMAG’s Precast Product Guide and Technical Manual for further technical information.



Construction activities of various kinds oblige the right tools to guarantee the best results. From home improvements to aircraft construction, the unwavering quality of the work comes down to the nature of the materials utilized. Despite the fact that you may have carefully chosen the drywall to complete your basement, the wood to construct your little girl’s tree house, or the metal for your new banister, you may be enticed to fall into the trap of expecting that all fasteners are made equivalent. Magnetic Former – Picking the wrong fastener for the occupation can fix the majority of your diligent work and lead to a requirement for more cash and push to settle the issues that happen subsequently.

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Product Range

Standard Round Formers with Metal Parts
HS-FRC01 1.3t 1.3t
HS-FRC02 2.5t 2.5t
HS-FRC05 5.0t 5.0t
HS-FRC07 7.5t 10.0t
HS-FRC10 10.0t 10.0t
HS-FRC15 15.0t 20.0t
HS-FRC20 20.0t 20.0t
HS-FRC32 32.0t 32.0t
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