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Sandwich Magnetic Assembly China Supplier

/Sandwich Magnetic Assembly China Supplier
  • sandwich magnetic assembly

Sandwich Magnetic Assembly China Supplier, Channel Sandwich Magnetic Assembly with 3 Holes, Door Latches Magnet, Grade 5 Ceramic Block Magnet Sandwiched inbetween 2 Steel Plates

Sandwich Magnetic Assembly Specifications:
Part No.:HSSA-05
Material: Ceramic Magnet + 2 Steel Plates
Shape: Sandwich
Width: 0.844 inch
Length: 3.060 inches
Height: 0.844 inch
Thickness: 0.313 inch
Mounting: N/A
Lift Strength: 22 lb.
Weight: 1 lb.

Sandwich magnetic assemblies are up to 32 times stronger than magnets by themselves. Pull strength is tested on a flat steel plate 1/2 inch thick. The pull may vary depending on the surface it is attracted to, for example if the steel is less than 1/2 inch thick, coated, rough or rusty. We recommend that you obtain a sample to test and confirm the actual pull / holding capability when used in your application.
Colors, packaging
Our stock sandwich assemblies are usually nickel plated. Adams can produce sandwich assemblies in just about any color. We can package them in individual bags or other packaging types you specify.
Common applications
• Money clips • Channel letter holders • Door latches
Design and handling considerations
Most of our magnetic sandwich assemblies are made with ceramic magnets, which are brittle and may break if dropped or if riveting is used in their application. Please use caution when handling sandwich magnets, their exceptional magnetic force may cause them to attract to metal (or to each other) so strongly that putting fingers in their path could prove painful.

This versital little magnet is ideal for Metal Fabrication Sign Work, and other magnetic clamping/positioning applications. Grade 8 Ceramic Block Magnet epoxied in between two powder coated rectangular steel plates.
Working Temperature Range: -40°C (-40°F) to 100°C (212°F)
Magnetic on all sides.

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Product Range



Part No. Material Length
Lift Strength
HSSA-01 Ceramic 1.060″ 0.844″ 0.844″ 10 lb.
HSSA-02 Ceramic 1.060″ 0.844″ 0.844″ 16 lb.
HSSA-03 Ceramic 1.060″ 0.844″ 0.844″ 20 lb.
HSSA-04 Ceramic 2.094″ 0.844″ 0.844″ 22 lb.
HSSA-05 Ceramic 3.060″ 0.844″ 0.844″ 22 lb.
HSSA-06 Ceramic 2.125″ 1.060″ 1.060″ 50 lb.
HSSA-07 Ceramic 2.125″ 1.000″ 1.000″ 50 lb.
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