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Sand Magnetic Separator

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Sand Magnetic Separator, River Sand Silica Sand Magnetic Separators, Iron Sand Magnetic Roller/Pulley, permanent magnetic separator machine for processing silica sand, Magnetic Separator For Separating Iron from Silica sand China supplier

Introduction and Application of River Sand magnetic separator(silica sand)
River sand mining magnetic separator is suitable for low grade sand and dry separating channel sand. Besides, it can be used with diesel electric engine and electromotor. The magnetic separator can separate raw materials with different magnetic rigidities. It operates under the magnetic force and machine force. Designed to recover ferromagnetic materials, the magnetic separator is available in design and sizes to provide solutions for all applications. The heart of every separator is the magnetic system with its unique design which has high efficiency.

Characteristic of Sand magnetic separator(silica sand), River sand mining process – river sand dressing equipment
Simple structure and convenient operation;
Little magnetic flux leakage;
Low energy consumption;
High magnetic intensity;
Large discharging ability;
Short magnetic circuit.

HSMAG HSCTB river sand magnetic separator,which is specially for river sand, fly ash wet separating iron work. River sand magnetic separator magnetic system, adopts high-quality ferrite material or compound with rare earth magnets,average magnetic induction strength of the drum surface is 250~600mT.Our company provides sand separator of downstream type different forms strong. This product has the advantages of simple structure, large processing quantity, convenient operation, easy maintenance.

He want to buy 15-30t/h magnetic separator,so our saleman arrange HSCTB 712 type for her.This type of machine has more larger cylinder diameter and cylinder length than HSCTB 618 type, its operation is more easy and suitable.And this type machine is more favor by customers. permanent magnetic separator

1. For medium and fine crushing, the magnetic pulley is used for remove the wall rock in the iron ore in order to improve the richness;
2. To remove iron in the ceramic industry for improving the ceramic quality;
3. To remove iron in coal, refractory, foundry sand and other industries;
River sand mining magnetic separator Manufacturers
HangSeng Magnets Company is a famous and reliable manufacturer of river sand/ silica sand mining magnetic separator. High quality magnetic separator is for sale to the world customers. We also provide the magnetic separator operation knowledge for you all. If you are interested in our products, you can contact us.

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Product Range

Sand Magnetic Separation Process

Sand Magnetic Separation Process

Technical Parameter of Sand magnetic separator(silica sand)

Size (mm) (Inches) Production Capacity. Power Requirement (K.W / H.P)
425 x1200 17×48 2.00 T.P.H. 1.5/2
600×1500 24×60 5.00 T.P.H. 2.2/3
750×1800 30×72 10.00 T.P.H. 3.7/5
1200×1800 48×72 30.00 T.P.H. 5.5/7.5

River sand/silica sand Magnetic Sepatator

Model Shell Diameter(mm) Shell length(mm) Feed size
Capacity (t/h) Power(kw) Weigh(t)
HSCTB612 Φ600 1200 0-2 10-20 1.1 1.5
HSCTB618 Φ600 1800 0-2 15-30 2.2 1.8
HSCTB718 Φ750 1800 0-2 25-45 3.0 2.2
HSCTB918 Φ900 1800 0-3 35-70 4.0 2.8
HSCTB1018 Φ1050 1800 0-3 40-75 5.5 4.3
HSCTB1024 Φ1050 2400 0-3 52-100 5.5 5.2
HSCTB1218 Φ1200 1800 0-3 47-90 5.5 5.0
HSCTB1224 Φ1200 2400 0-3 80-120 7.5 6.4
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