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Ruminal Magnet, Strong Rumen Magnet, NdFeB Cow Magnet, Rumen Magnet with Plastic Cage, Bovine Ruminal Magnets for Cow, Bovivet Rumen Magnets

Rumen Magnet Supply – strong magnetic cage rumen iron absorption Cow equipment Feature:
Part No.: HSCCM-RM02
Material: NdFeB
Shape: Rod / Bar
Case: Plastic Cage
Measures: 20 x 85 mm
Color: green, blue, yellow, red and etc.

Ruminal magnet for effective prophylaxis of disease from foreign bodies.

Use Bovivet rumen magnets for cattle to protect them from metal damage. The magnet attracts any swallowed metal such as bits of wire and nails. The cage traps them, preventing them from being driven through the soft wall of the reticulum or rumen and causing damage.

Put the cow magnet in the rumen, can eliminate nails adsorbing cow stomach, wire and other iron materials.With rumen motility, magnetic cage irregular movement in the rumen, can completely adsorbed the iron materials pierced the wall of the stomach and stored in the magnetic cage and slowly dissolve.

Usage method
Use mouth gag to fixed cow mouth,entangle magnet cage with stomach catheter , the magnetic cage slowly push the stomach, if necessary, pour a small amount of warm water to help smooth place in the rumen.

1.Don not damage rumen any more.
2.can effectively prevent injury cattle traumatic reticulitis, pericarditis and other diseases
3.increasing cow’s appetite, enhance immunity of cattle,beef cattle fatten up , increase the milk yield of dairy cows.

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Product Range

Part No. Magnet Case Size Material
HSCCM-RM01 Block Ceramic 35 x 35 x 100 mm Plastic
HSCCM-RM02 NdFeB 20 x 85 mm Plastic, stainless steel
HSCCM-RM03 Ring Ceramic 35 x 35 x 100 mm Plastic, metal
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