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Rubber Flashlight Mounting Magnet with Adjustable Clips

/Rubber Flashlight Mounting Magnet with Adjustable Clips
  • Rubber Flashlight Mounting Magnet with Adjustable Clips

Rubber Flashlight Mounting Magnet with Adjustable Clips, Custom Magnetic Flashlight Holder Torch Holder, Magnetic Flashlight Mounting Brackets Holders with Strong Magnetic Round Base and With Flexible Adjustable Clips, Rubber Magnetic Weapon Mount, Magnetic Hook Round Base Magnet Fastener, Magnetic Tool Accessories China Supplier Factory

Rubber Flashlight Mounting Magnet with Adjustable Clips, Magnet Tools & Assemblies Specifications:

Model #: HS-MFM-04
Quantity : one base for flashlight. No flashlight included.
Measurement : 20CM (7.5INCH) goose-neck style cable can be positioned at any angle.
Adjustable Clips – hold a variety of flashlight diameters
Magnetically attaches to any ferrous metal surface. Allow a light to be conveniently located.
Strong Magnets – up to 2 Lbs . When you want to remove the magnet – Please insert the hard card into the gap between the magnets and the steel surface. DON’T USE KNIVES. Because sharp knives will destroy the rubber.

Magnetic Flashlight Holder Torch Holder can easily hold flashlight or torch on vehicle, machine and metal surface, helpful for vehicle repairing, barbeque, camping, machining enlightening.

Focus on projects with this high-intensity workbench light. Super bright LED provide superb lighting. A strong magnetic base with 40 lbs. holding power secures the light to metal surfaces. The 9″ flexible arm adjusts to your needs, weather-resistant aluminum construction ensures long-lasting use and a wide illumination area results in a brighter workspace. Can also be used as a reading light, auto repair light, plumber’s worklight, etc. Convenient on/off switch. Magnetic LED Light Base
Includes steel universal mounting plate to allow use in more places in your shop on non-steel surfaces.

If you are trying to get your hands on some of the best tactical and high-capacity magnetic flashlight mounts,   Magnetic LED Flashlight Holder with Flexible Clip Strong Base Magnet    then your search ends at here. Introducing you to a massive collection of high-visibility magnetic flashlight mount that you can use for a variety of activities such as hunting and warfare. These magnetic flashlight mount are equipped with powerful optics that enable you to enhance your gun’s zooming power to a great extent and makes the target visible clearly with dots. Magnetic Flashlight Mounting Brackets

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