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Rubber Encased Nonmarring Neodymium Magnets with Threaded Stud

/Rubber Encased Nonmarring Neodymium Magnets with Threaded Stud
  • Rubber Encased Nonmarring Neodymium Magnets with Threaded Stud

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Rubber Encased Nonmarring Neodymium Magnets with Threaded Stud – A rubber-covered steel case concentrates and focuses the magnetic field while protecting the magnet and the mounting surface. Made of neodymium, these rare earth magnets are the strongest for their size.
Warning: Maximum pull ratings are based on direct contact with rust-free and unpainted iron plate. Variations in material condition will significantly reduce these ratings. Do not use for lifting over people.
3D CAD models available
For technical drawings and 3-D models, please contact us.

Our Rubber magnets are ideal for use in those environments where a softer touch is required. Due to the strong Neodymium magnet contained within the epoxy casing, these magnets have a strong pull but are gentle enough for use on areas like car paint. We feel so strongly about this that our own sign-writing team uses these magnets daily to hold prints on client vehicles, boats, cars or even planes. These magnets work a treat!

These strong neodymium pot magnets are all supplied with a male threaded stud on the non-magnetic face so that they can be screwed into a threaded hole. An advantage of the threaded stud is that it allows for subtle adjustments by loosening and lengthening or shortening and tightening the thread.

Designed for clamping directly onto a steel surface. Pot mangets are made from a high-performance neodymium magnet encased within a steel shell. They are magnetic on one face only, creating a solid clamping force. However, they cannot be used to attract other magnets or attract through a gap.

The female version of our Rubber magnets come with a threaded stud that can be used to attach your own handle. Alternatively, if you are looking for a rubber magnet with a handle then try our magnet or as we also call it, our Sign magnets. This comes with a handle making it easy to apply and remove. Encased NdFeB Magnets with Threaded Stud

Be aware that due to the epoxy coating these magnets have a lower pull opposed to a raw magnet. Because of this, we recommend that you use a larger magnet than you need.

Neodymium rubber magnets have a very high power to size ratio, even the smallest Neodymium magnets have a surprisingly large amount of pull. If subjected to temperatures of over 80°C Neodymium’s will start to permanently lose their magnetic properties. For high-temperature environments, we recommend the use of Samarium magnets.

Our Female Rubber Encased Holding Magnet has an outside diameter, a thickness and has an threaded female stud. This holding magnet has a pull force of ***kilograms before releasing (on a 3mm mild steel plate) and also has an epoxy rubber-like coating.

Thick. OD Stud Lg. Overall
Pull, lbs.
Sets of
Temperature, °F
Case Material Thread Size
0.236″ 0.87″ 0.256″ 0.492″ 11 2 170° Rubber Nickel-Plated Steel M4
0.24″ 11/16 1″ 1.24″ 20 3 170° Rubber Nickel-Plated Steel 1/4“-20
5/16 2.57″ 1″ 5/16 32 3 170° Rubber Nickel-Plated Steel 1/4“-20
21/64 1/2 1″ 21/64 100 6 170° Rubber Nickel-Plated Steel 1/4“-20


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