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Rubber Covered Magnetic Systems for Cable Mounting

/Rubber Covered Magnetic Systems for Cable Mounting
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Rubber Covered Magnetic Systems for Cable Mounting, Neodtmium magnet system  Ø 22 mm – 43 mm gummed cable mounting /cable fixation, Rubber Coated Magnet assembly NdFeB for Cable Mounting supplier factory

Rubber Covered Magnetic Systems Feature:

Model: Magnet system / Cable holder
Material: NdFeB (alloy of neodymium-iron-boron)
Diameter:  Ø 22 mm – 43 mm
Coating: rubber plastic
Magnetization: semi-anisotrop (magnetized in stripes)
Rubberized magnet system,magnet system made from NdFeB.
Attaches to all magnetic surfaces.
Cables or tubes with different diameters can be attached easily to the magnet system with cable ties.
Available in three sizes or customized.
max. Operating temperature 60°C

For projects where thick wires or cables need to be attached to metal surface. The magnet offers a carrier where a cable can easily be attached and a powerful magnet allows cables to be attached to any metal surface. With the protective coating Santoprene, the coefficient of friction increases, so that high forces of lateral displacement can be obtained compared to the magnet without Santoprene.

– Attaches any size wires and cables in hard to reach areas!
– No more hassles with finding a place to attach your wires!
– Holds up electrical wires and many more possibilities!

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Practical accessories in your daily life: the cable wire wall clips are practical accessories to fix and organize your different wires and cables, and you can use them with nylon ties to reduce the cable clutter and bring you neat conditions; Designed with protective rubber, the magnet bases can enhance the lateral load carrying capacity, please notice there are no zip ties in your package.
Using easily: the multipurpose magnet wire holders are convenient to use, just fix them on metal areas, insert the zip ties to attach the cables or wires, then tighten them and cut the excessive length; They are removable, and you can easily adjust the positions and angles as you need; But the zip ties are not included.  MagSwing U60 Magnetic Shuttering System with one chamfer
Serviceable material: the cable hanger bases are made of magnets, A3 steel, rubber and nylon, sturdy and reliable in quality, and the proper magnetism makes them not easy to fall off from metal surfaces.
Various usages: matching with the zip tie, cable holder mounts can keep your electronic wires, USB cables, cables of computers and other appliances, or decorations organized, which are applicable for home, office, classroom and other occasions; You can apply them to automobile, machine, lighting lamps, shelves and other smooth surfaces.

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Product Range



Part No. D mm H mm Force N Shear force N Thread Weight g Temperature °C
RMS-CM-22 22 16 38 15 M5 12 60
RMS-CM-31 31 16 89 19 M5 26 60
RMS-CM-43 43 16 100 30 M4 30 60
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