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Rubber Covered Magnetic Assembly Rectangular Internal Thread NdFeB

/Rubber Covered Magnetic Assembly Rectangular Internal Thread NdFeB
  • magnetic-assembly-rectangular-ndfeb-with-rubber-coat-and-internal-thread

Rubber Covered Magnetic Assembly, Rectangular Magnet Assembly NdFeB, Block NdFeB Magnet System with Internal Thread and Rubber Coat, Rubber Covered Neodymium Internal Thread Rectangular Magnet

Rubber Covered Magnetic Assembly Feature:

◾Santoprene Rubber coating for scratch-free clamping
◾Neodymium Magnets (NdFeB) inside for maximum holding forces
◾Extremely good sheer forces – high resistance to sliding
◾Protects surfaces such as lacquered mild steel car body work
◾Maximum recommended operating temperature is 60°C

These rubber coated Neodymium (NdFeB) pot magnets are especially suitable for magnetically fixing objects such as advertising displays or safety blinkers onto car roofs (the metal work must have a mild steel content – aluminium or carbon fibre surfaces will not work).
The rubber coated Neodymium (NdFeB) pot magnets are also suitable for fixing signs, plates, temporary lightings and sample parts scratch-free onto highly polished chrome-plated or painted mild steel (ferrous) surfaces.
The rubber coating also provide a good level of corrosion protection in humid conditions.
Because of their high performance, slide resisting properties and paint work protection ability, these rubber coated Neodymium (NdFeB) pot magnets are sometimes also known as Boutique Magnets.

Screwed bush (external female threaded bush) – you could attached a bolt to this design style.
Other sizes, shapes and grades may be available by special request.

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Product Range



Part No. L mm B mm H mm h mm Thread MxL Force N Shear force N Surface Weight g Temperature °C
RMS-IT-43×31-B 43 31 6.9 6 M4x4.5 105 45 black 27 60
RMS-IT-43×31-W 43 31 6.9 6 M4x4.5 105 33 white 27 60
RMS-IT-43×31-B2 43 31 6.9 6 M4x4.5 146 57 black 28 60
RMS-IT-43×31-W2 43 31 6.9 6 M4x4.5 146 52 white 28 60