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Rubber Coated Magnetic Systems with Countersunk

/Rubber Coated Magnetic Systems with Countersunk
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Rubber Coated Magnetic Systems with Countersunk Holes (Countersink), Rubber Coated Magnet Assembly NdFeB with bore and counter bore, Rubber Coated Magnet Cup Assemblies, magnetic holding base, Pot magnets with counter bore and rubber coat

Rubber Coated Magnetic Systems neodymium magnets give great durability and high friction when needed to keep them from slipping on surfaces. However, this high surface friction also make it almost impossible to slide two of them apart. These are great for holding name tags on clothes since they do not slip down on your coat or shirt/blouse. Rare earth super magnets are extremely powerful and the rubber helps magnet them a little more safe to handle. The rubber coating can help keep these from serious pinching accidents.

Should there be a size you need and don’t see, please contact our Sales Department. They will be happy to contact the Manufacturer for a custom quote. Please provide: Exact dimensions, Strength, Quantity and Direction of magnetism.

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Product Range



Part No. D mm d1 mm d2 mm H mm h mm Force N Shear force N Surface Weight g Temperature °C
RMS-CB-43-B 43 7.5 12.8 6 4.2 100 30 black 27 60
RMS-CB-43-1W 43 7.5 12.8 6 4.2 100 25 white 27 60
RMS-CB-88-B 88 6.6 22 8.5 3 550 125 black 182 80
RMS-CB-88-W 88 6.6 22 8.5 3 550 125 white 182 80
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