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Round Powerful Mini Electromagnet MK-P10/10

/Round Powerful Mini Electromagnet MK-P10/10
  • Mini Electromagnet

Round Powerful Mini Electromagnet MK-P10/10, Permanent Electromagnet, Miniature Holding Electric Magnet Lifting 0.3KG/3N Solenoid Sucker Electromagnet DC 6V 12V 24V, Mini DC Holding Electromagnet

Round Powerful Mini Electromagnet Feature:
Part No.: MK-P10/10
Diameter: 10 mm
Height: 10 mm
Lead Length: 300 mm
Power Consumption: 2W
Holding Force: 0.3kg/3N
Material: Metal
Color: Silvery
Powerful and compact
Smooth and flat surface
Low power consumption and reliable Applications: Assembly line, sorting machine, mechanical arm

Electric Solenoids are used as a universal and cost soelnoids for precision engineering and industrial applications as weel as for locking applications.
The installation position of the electrical lift magnets is arbitrary. The power take-off of an electrical hubmagnetsmay be pulling, pushing or bilaterally. Howerver, it is provided only in the axial direction, where in the lateral load of the electric lifting magnetic occurs increased bearing wear.
For life expectancy and the number of starts after consulation.
The reciproacting motion of the electrica solenoid from the initial position to the end position of an electromagnetic force. It is reset by external forces or through optional integration of a return spring.
On the device by default no stroke limit is provided. The magnetic forces of our electrical lifting magnets bereached at 90% of rated voltaged and at operating temperature.

1 Ordinary magnetic sucker electromagnet and there is a big difference, for adsorbed surfaces should as far as possible level, and the adsorption area not less electromagnet, otherwise it will affect the suction
2 Effective distance is zero (must be faced), the distance of 1 mm apart from all the electromagnet suction is weak without suction.
3 The maximum suction conditions are good adsorption magnetic objects, smooth surface, and the thickness of the suction surface area is larger than the electromagnet is not less than 3cm. In the process of using a lot of cases can not meet these conditions, and therefore can not reach the maximum suction of the electromagnet, its suction is based on the shape of the object is different and produce different suction.
4 In the rated voltage range can be used to mediate the voltage to mediate the suction, but can not exceed the rated voltage.
5 Electromagnet in working condition electromagnetic conversion would produce a certain amount of heat, electricity more frequently the higher temperature, which is a normal phenomenon.

Round Electromagnet

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