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Round Ferrite Anisotropic Magnets with Convex Top

/Round Ferrite Anisotropic Magnets with Convex Top
  • Round Ferrite Anisotropic Magnets with Convex Top

Round Ferrite Anisotropic Magnets with Convex Top, Circle Ceramic Anisotropic Magnets with Convex Top,  Nobo Magnet Markers Round Plastic Covered Ferrite

Anisotropic Magnets – The type is round plastic magnetic bottons with anisotropic ferrite magnets. The latter type is recommended when a stronger magnetic forde is required.

We use Coloured Magnetic Buttons here at HSMAG Magnets!
We know you’ll love them because we use them ourselves!
Coloured Magnetic Buttons play an extensive role on our job scheduling boards, production queues, and planning whiteboard. We use different colours to indicate certain document statuses, plan phases, and identifying teams responsible for project functions.

Coloured Magnet Botton, Cute Magnets, Round Presentation Whiteboard Magnetic Button.
We also use them for simply holding paperwork together in one place; Coloured Magnetic Buttons are used on our office whiteboards, filing cabinets, warehouse racking, and metallic cubicle backings.
Coloured Magnetic Buttons keeps our office tidy and organised, and is part of the reason our job planning systems are so streamlined and efficient!

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Product Range

Execution: anisotropic,with plastic body
Part No. Diameter Ø Height Holding force
mm mm g
HSCM-100.700 9 6 120
HSCM-100.701 12 6 190
HSCM-100.702 18 8 290
HSCM-100.703 22 9 400
HSCM-100.704 27 9 510
HSCM-100.705 32 9 1050
HSCM-100.706 42 12 1650

Notice: 00 = white, 01 = orange, 02 = yellow, 03 = blue, 04 = black, 05 = green,  06 = red

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