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Round Electro-Permanent Magnetic Chuck With Radial Poles

/Round Electro-Permanent Magnetic Chuck With Radial Poles
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EPR Series Round Electro-Permanent Magnetic Chuck With Radial Poles,  Radial Pole Circular Electro-Permanent Magnetic Chuck, Radial Magnetic Chucks for milling,  for grinding

Magnetic Chuck With Radial Poles – EPR Series Circular Magnetic Chucks

Suitable for grinding and cutting operations with the chuck mounted on such machine tools as rotary grinders, lathes, turning machines and rotary milling machines that rotate workpieces to machine. This model comes in two types; ring pole and star pole according to the patterns on the chuck work face. The ring pole type is used for general grinding operations and the star pole type for cutting operations also.

Relatively thin workpieces that are likely to be distorted by mechanical clamping can be held by uniform holding power of the ring pole type for highly precise machining.
For such operations as cutting thick workpieces, the star pole type is recommended that produces strong holding power.

5sides clear machining access
All useful strokes used
Work pieces larger than the table surface are machinable
Unique tooling
Simplified CNC or FMS programming
Limited capital outlay
No maintenance
No modification to the machine and to the line
Reduced consumption of tools
High-value over time
Constant and concentrated force
No electric power supply during clamping
Ergonomic in operation
No dispersion of magnetic flux
No interference
Easy and quick set-up
Drastic reduction in downtime
Higher stock-removal rates
Facilitated interaction with CAD/CAM systems
Improved finishing and greater accuracies

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Product Range



※Other size on request.
※Exsample: EPR      500 /    220V    /  50Hz
Series No    art No    working viltage  power frequen



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