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Round Base Magnet with Knob

/Round Base Magnet with Knob
  • Round Base Magnet Fastener with Knob,Chrome

Round Base Magnet with Knob, Ceramic Magnet Holder with Knob, Magnetic Holder with Knob, Posting Magnets, Ferrite Pot Magnets with Knob

Round Base Magnet with Knob – Hold blueprints, calendars, important memos, visual aides, work plans and more with these convenient, heavy duty magnetic bases. Ideal for warehouse, workroom and office use. Each magnet features durable nickel plating and easy-grip knob for positioning.

  • Material Type: Low Carbon Steel , Ferrite/Ceramic magnet , ABS + Epoxy (black plastic)
  • Magnet fastener with securely-mounted a easy-grip knob with a clearance between top of magnet base and underside of knob
  • Designed to hold with 16-95 pounds perpendicular pull on contact with thick, flat, smooth ferrous plate, 40% less pounds pull on vertical surface against sliding force, and less on painted steel
  • Conveniently suspend items from knob, retrieve iron objects on contact, or separate nails, screws, nuts, and similar ferrous metal items from non-ferrous metal
  • Magnet also holds through 7 pieces of paper to flat, smooth ferrous plate heavy duty magnets
  • Magnet assembly made of chrome plated steel cup containing magnet with securely fastened black plastic knob. Remove ferrous steel from magnet by hand. Magnet does not have a release mechanism

This ceramic magnet holder consists of a ceramic magnet, or hard ferrite magnet Magnetic holder, with a knob attached to it.  Suspend flashlights, hand tools, etc., hold blueprints, visual aides, work plans and more in maintenance repair operations, warehouses, production areas, and office. Also retrieve or quickly clean up scattered iron objects including nails, screws, nuts and bolts, or separate ferrous metal items from non-ferrous metal.

Custom Design Round Base Magnet or Magnetic Pot available. Please contact us by E-mail us or call 86-574-27667267 for any size and design you need.


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Product Range

Part No. Dimensions in Inches Weight  Pull Force
OD ID T H (Lbs.) (Lbs.)
NdMCH14-01 1.425 1 0.283 0.945 0.1 16
NdMCH14-02 2.035 1 0.315 0.975 0.181 25
NdMCH14-03 2.63 1.75 0.374 1.325 0.388 65
NdMCH14-04 3.2 1.75 0.425 1.41 0.619 95
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