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Round Adjustable Powerful Door Latch Magnets

/Round Adjustable Powerful Door Latch Magnets
  • Round Adjustable Powerful Door Latch Magnets

Round Adjustable Powerful Door Latch Magnets, Black Neodymium Latch Magnet Holding Attaches, NdFeB Magnetic Pot Catch, Magnetic Door Stopper, Door Catcher Magnet, Rare Earth Neodymium Cabinet Door Catchers, Magnetic Steel Cup, Heavy Duty Latch for Kitchen Bathroom Cupboard Wardrobe Closet Closures Cabinet Door Drawer Magnets Included Screws China Supplier

Round Adjustable Powerful Door Latch Magnets | Black
Product No. HS-NMDL-10
Pull Force 1.81 kg
Weight 20 gm
Style Latch Magnet
Dimensions Width:11mm, Height:30mm, Length:27mm

This magnetic cabinet door latch has a length of 27mm, a width of 11mm and a height of 30mm. This product has a maximum holding force of 1.81kg (4lbs) against 10mm mild steel. Please note: this Magnetic Cabinet Door Latch is not supplied with screws.

These powerful door latch magnets are ideal for securing cabinets and other enclosures. The distance between the magnet and strike plate can be adjusted up to 6.35mm (.25”) with your fingers.

Uses for our Latch Magnets:
AMF has a range of Door Latch products to suit any situation. This round latch kit is adjustable, so with the turn of the spindle, the magnet can be receded or extended so the magnetic hold can be tweaked to the strength you require. The kit includes a metal striker plate with a countersunk attachment hole that easily attaches to a cabinet door, for instance. The latch magnet is designed to attach to the cabinet shelf and attract the metal plate and hold the door closed. The adjustment in strength may be helpful for off-road vehicles or campervans that encounter unsealed roads. Holding strength that is sufficient while stationary may not be strong enough when vehicles are moving. Latch magnets are ideal for securing doors in the closed position while providing easy access. Sheds and protective coverings for machinery, auxiliary generators, pump housings or other equipment can be secured and protected from wind, rain and heat, yet quickly accessed in a keyless way.

Doors, Gates and Latches
Our Magnetic Door Latch kits and Magnetic Catches contain Ferrite (Ceramic) or Rare Earth (Neodymium) magnetic material.
Ceramic magnets cast a wide magnetic field. Devices with brittle ceramic magnets often utilise a steel channel that shields the magnet from any damage. Neodymium magnetic door latches and catches are powerful magnets that have stronger pull forces for more specialised purposes.

Magnetic Catches and Latch Kits can be used as doorstops This helps to prevent doors blowing open or closed and allows staff to enter a storeroom with their hands full. Neodymium Magnetic Latches have extra strength for cupboard door latches and storage compartments inside vans, boats or other more specialised applications. Some kits are specially designed to be recessed into cabinetry and act as a magnetic lock by attracting a metal striker plate attached to the cupboard when the door is closed. Adjustable Magnetic Cabinet Door Catcher

Customer’s satisfaction is our companys’ ever lasting goal. We hope our honest policy and quality goods will be your lasting choice. We promote our company with its brand-named products, along with the first-class service and top quality prdoucts. We sincerely looking forward to establishing long and mutual benefits business relation with new and old customers in the near future. NdFeB Magnetic Door Latch Attaches Kit, Red Painting Steel Strong Latch Magnet
Open furniture or cabinet doors with 1 easy push – The magnet holds doors in place ensuring your space looks neat and clean at all times. The catch is activated by pushing inward to release the magnetic catch and re-engage with a simple in on the cabinet door. Easy screw-on assembly for a fast furniture upgrade. Red Powerful Super Strong Magnetic Catches   Package Includes. Neodymium Magnetic Latch Kit , Universal Latch Magnet

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