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Rotor Wedge Neodymium Magnet with Drill Holes

/Rotor Wedge Neodymium Magnet with Drill Holes
  • Rotor Wedge Neodymium Magnet with Drill Holes

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Rotor Wedge Neodymium Magnet with Drill Holes
Type: Permanent
Composite: Neodymium Magnet
Grade: N50
Application: Moto Magnet
Coating: NICUNI
Magnetized direction: through thickness
Tolerance: +/-0.1mm
Size: customized
Density: 7.5g/cm3
Surface Treatment: Ni Ni-Cu-Ni Zn
Shape: Wedge
Working Temperature: 80-220deg.c

1.for neodymium magnet,the max working temperature can reach 220 deg.C
2.we have our own engineer certre
3.N55 is the highest grade we can produce.
4.max length can reach 240MM

HSMAG manufactures a wide variety of strong high-quality neodymium rare earth magnets. Located outside Denver, Colorado, we stock more than 20 million individual magnets in hundreds of different sizes, shapes and strengths. In addition, we can custom-make almost any size magnet to fit your needs. We also offer free same-day shipping on domestic orders over $10, wholesale/bulk discounts, exceptional customer service, and a 30-day return policy.

As a leading supplier of affordable, high-performance neodymium (NdFeB) magnets, we’re proud to serve tens-of-thousands of retail and wholesale customers wordwide: ranging from hobbyists to large-scale manufacturers, and Fortune 500 companies to renowned universities. So no matter what your job requires – let us help you find the right magnet for your needs.

The more powerful the external magnetic field that is applied, the greater the magnetization that results. This is the first of the factors that determines how strong a magnet becomes. The second is the type of material the magnet is made of. Different materials produce magnets of different strengths. Those with a high magnetic permeability (which is a measurement of how responsive they are to magnetic fields) make the strongest magnets. For this reason, pure iron is used to make some of the strongest magnets.

Rub the rod with a piece of metal that is already magnetized.
Rub the rod with two magnets, drawing the north pole of one magnet from the center of the rod to one end while you draw the south pole of the other magnet in the opposite direction.
Hang the bar vertically and hit it repeatedly with a hammer. The magnetizing effect is stronger if you heat the rod.
Induce a magnetic field with an electric current. Various Shape Custom Design Motor Magnet Project

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