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Rotor Ferrite Magnets Assemblies

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Rotor Ferrite Magnets Assemblies, Ferrite/Ceramic Permanent Magnets, Customized Ferrite Ring Magnet Rotor Component, Motor Magnet Magnetic Rotor Parts, pre-assembled magnetic motor parts with glued ferrite permanent magnets, multipole ring magnets for rotor, magnetic assemblies

At HSMAG, your one-stop sourcing solution for Rotor Ferrite Magnets Assemblies, we carry a large selection of Hard Ferrite/Ceramic Magnets known as the Strontium Ferrite and Barium Ferrite magnets. Much of our Ferrite Magnets are higher in its magnetic properties used in the Motor making industries. Although we still have a hand full of customers using our segment magnets for their heavy duty separation equipment. Hard Ferrite Magnets have a high Coercivity, high remanence after magnetization, high magnetic permeability at very affordable pricing makes it good in Permanent Magnet Motor and pump coupling Applications worldwide. Talk to any one of our Sales representatives today and find out how you can engage us in building a motor for tomorrow’s world.

We supply pre-assembled magnetic motor parts with glued permanent magnets and metal body according to customers’requirements. And we have modern magnetic assembly line and first rate machining equipments, including CNC lathe, internal grinder, plain grinder, milling machine,etc. Modern inspecting techniques and stricted quality management system ensure us to supply high quality products to you.We will supply a complete motor parts or magnetic coupling that is ready for the fine finishing by you. It is a cost-saving MAGNETIC SOLUTION for clients.

1) magnetic torque transmission, clean and efficient
2) big transmission torque, small size
3) stable property ,wear free, long life time
4)Application: PM Motor, BLDC Motor, permanent magnet Synchronous Motor, DC Motor, etc

Combinations of magnetic material and geommetry approved under various combinations of physical parameters (time, T, pressure, concentration)
Geommetry and strength of a magnetic field defined during injection moulding
Simulation calculation as to magnetic systems
Tool construction
Measuring of magnetic properties
Testing of the magnetic material
Customer support from an idea to post-marketing activities

Rotors are one of three vital components of a brushless motors. With the use of permanent magnets deliver continuous magnetic field, which in interaction with the field of stator coils and suitable controller enable optimal continuous operation. Neodymium Rotation Magnetic Hooks
Material choices for rotor applications include variety of sintered or polymer bonded magnets covering a range of materials such as Ferrite, Nd-Fe-B, Sm-Co or Sm-Fe-N. Depending on requirements variety of magnetisation paterns covering bi or multipolar topologies are feasible.

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