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Rotor AlNiCo Magnet 4-Poles

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  • Rotor AlNiCo Magnet 4-Poles

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Rotor AlNiCo Magnet 4-Poles Part No.  HSARM-4 SERIES
Size: 1.24″ Dia. x 0.75″
Number of Poles: 4

Permanent alnico 5 rotor magnet material
Especially effective on thin metal
4-Pole Magnetic face
Permanent alnico 5 rotor magnet material. Especially effective on thin metal.4-Pole magnetic face. Counter sunk center mounting Hole.
Alnico rotor magnets are designed with multiple poles; each pole alternates in polarity. The hole in the rotor is designed for mounting onto shafts. They are excellent for use in synchronous motors, dynamos and air turbine generators.
• Alnico rotor magnets are made with Alnico 5 material and have a maximum temperature of approximately 1000°F.
• They are supplied un-magnetized unless otherwise requested. Magnetization after assembly is required to gain the full benefits of these magnets.
• We provide a magnetization service for assemblies incorporating these magnets. We can normally magnetize them within one working day of receipt.

Alnico is hard and brittle, and prone to chipping and cracking. Special machining techniques must be used to machine this material. Alnico magnets require magnetizing fields of about 3 kOe (kilo Oersted). Because of their relatively low coercivities, special care should be taken to assure that alnico magnets are not subjected to adverse repelling fields, since these could partially demagnetize the magnets. Magnetized magnets should be stored with “keepers” to reduce the possibility of partial demagnetization. If alnico magnets are partially demagnetized, they may be easily re-magnetized. Multi-Pole AlNiCo Magnet

Alnico Magnets… Rotor AlNiCo Magnet
Achieve high Br values, high temperature stability and mechanical strength
Alnico delivers impressive flux density at an economical price. It boasts the lowest reversible temperature coefficient of any standard commercial magnet material (0.02% per degree centigrade) allowing for excellent stability over a wide temperature range. Alnico is also inherently corrosion resistant.

HSMAG offers a full line of cast and sintered Alnico products, including:
Full hollow cylinders
Multi-pole holding magnets
Custom parts
Die-cast in aluminum
Dipped in plastisol
Painted (mil-spec painting)

Cast Alnico Grades
Alnico 2
Alnico 8B
Alnico 3
Alnico 8H
Alnico 4
Alnico 8HE
Alnico 5
Alnico 9
Alnico 6
Alnico 8

Sintered Alnico
Primarily custom made to your specifications, sintered Alnico magnets are available in grades 2, 5, 6 and 8B and 8H.

We offer custom Alnico assemblies using HSMAG’s magnetic materials. We can manufacture your assembly completely in-house, making both the magnetic components and non-magnetic components, and assemble these parts allowing you to receive a completed sub-assembly. We can also work with your component suppliers as well as our own to develop the most cost effective solution to your needs. 2-Poles AlNiCo Rotor Magnet

Download our Cast Alnico and Sintered Alnico Permanent Magnet Catalogs for more information on our capabilities.

Types of Cast Alnico

Cast Alnico 5 — This is the most commonly used. This alnico material is used extensively in rotating machinery, meters, instruments, sensing devices, and holding applications, to name a few. For best results with alnico 5 magnets, the length should be no less than 5 times the cross-section diameter; or 5 times the diameter of a circle equal in area to the cross section.
Cast Alnico 8 — This magnet has the highest temperature stability of any commercially available magnetic material. Improved crystal structure and alloying techniques achieve a 6.0 energy product and high resistance to demagnetization. Typical uses include computer keyboards, drives, printers, microphones, meters, motors, generators, relays, reed-switch relays, and transducers.


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