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River Fishing Recovery Magnet w/ M14 Eyebolt

/River Fishing Recovery Magnet w/ M14 Eyebolt
  • River Fishing Recovery Magnet with M14 Eyebolt

River Fishing Recovery Magnet w/ M14 Eyebolt, Retrieval Fishing Ferrite Pot Magnet with Eyelet, Powerful Round Ceramic Countesunk Magnet, Ferrite Recovery Salvage Magnet, Holding and Retrieving Fishing Permanent Magnets

River Fishing Recovery Magnet w/ M14 Eyebolt
Sea Fishing Treasure Hunting With Eyelet
125mm diameter x 100mm tall including M14 eyebolt
2% tolerance
Each magnet can support 130kg vertically from the magnetic face when in flush contact with a mild steel surface of equal thickness
Protective, durable chrome plated steel shell
Heavy duty M14 eyebolt with a 20mm inner diameter (safe working load 500kg)
Rope is red in colour, 10 metres long with a 4mm diameter and has a breaking strength of 420kg
These extra-large ferrite pot magnets are made of a ferrite magnet sunken in to a chrome-plated steel shell meaning that the north pole is on the centre of the magnetic face and the south pole is on the outer edge around it. The steel pot increases the adhesive force of the magnets giving them an incredible hold for their size. Each magnet comes assembled with a heavy duty eyebolt that can easily accommodate a thick lifting robe or cable. An added advantage of pot magnets is that they are resistant to chipping or cracking following constant impact with a steel surface.These magnets come with a safe-handling warning; because they are so powerful they can be dangerous if not handled carefully.

The magnet is accompanied by a 10 metre long polyester rope in red which can hold a weight of 420kg. The rope and magnet combination is used in recovery and retrieval, particularly magnet fishing. We recommend the rope is tied to the magnet with a Tautline Hitch knot so that when the magnet attracts to a ferrous material, the rope doesn’t come loose when retracted.

Care must be taken when handling these magnets as there is a danger of trapped fingers, pinched skin and flying shards of metal if carelessly handled.
Never allow magnets to jump together or to jump to steel as they will likely shatter.
Suitable for usage up to a maximum of 80 degree Centigrade.
Always keep magnets away from items that may be damaged by the powerful magnetic field such as credit cards, computers, mobile phones, Cd’s.
Not to be handled near to or by people with Pace makers or other medical devices.
The actual pull strengths will vary depending on other variables such as: Steel thickness(the thinner the steel the lower the pull strength), Steel Quality(for example pitted/corroded), Surface finish(painted, powder coated will result in a reduced pull force).
WARNING – This magnet is VERY powerful and totally unsuitable for Children!!

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